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Transmission – Ascension
K. Miller 5/28/2019

What is ascension? Defined, it is the act of rising to a higher level. Within the spiritual context, it has a much broader meaning. The personal ascension process, also known as awakening, enlightenment, or kundalini rising is the progression of our energetic spiritual body, or soul to attain higher levels of consciousness. The way our soul expresses itself energetically is described as it’s consciousness. Our consciousness is not limited by time and space and therefore does not require a physical body to exist. Our consciousness energy, whether expressed individually or shared(collective consciousness), has a distinct energetic signature or vibration. Consciousness vibration cannot be measured but can certainly be experienced. That’s where the terms good vibes or bad vibes come from. These feelings are generally created from the energies being presented or lingering from people or particular places. These energies may either make you want to participate and join with them or flee depending on how your vibrational energies are matching up or are congruent with them.

If you are aware of the quality of your inner thoughts and feelings and are not running on autopilot, you naturally make attempts to choose to either maintain those that make you feel good and choose those that make you feel better. In a sense this is in itself the idea of ascension. Creating a better quality of energetic vibration through your behavior. Just as you look around your home and see there may be improvements you need to make or wish to make, ascension can be seen this way on a planetary level. We can see all around us improvements that can be made to improve the conditions of the inhabitants of our planet both mentally and physically. We see warring, poverty, illness, pollution and so many other problems we face daily, that need to be resolved, and it is our responsibility and right for each and every one of us to do so. But how is it that I…me…myself…how am I going to do this? How are we going to do this? How do we even attempt to resolve these seemingly insurmountable problems that are rampant on this Earth? This is done by improving our individual spiritual status and applying it from micro to macro. As above, so below; as within, so without. As we work on our own personal issues that are holding us back from progressing in life, these self improvements create ripples in the greater fabric of all that exists.

When we see these huge obvious issues that are preventing humanity from progressing, we can see, if we look within, these problems mirrored in our own lives and our behaviors. Do we have problems with our family, in our romantic relationships, our friendships, with our jobs and careers, with our health, in our financial affairs? The answer is most likely yes, in any or all of these areas, if we are truly honest with ourselves. The status quo should not be that of conflict, dysfunction, or poverty and feeling worthless and helpless or barely able to make ends meet- merely struggling to survive. Our true nature is love, unity, and abundance. So why are we left feeling so isolated, divided, impoverished, and unhealthy? There are many reasons, but it is our ability to ascend that determines our freedom and our choice to rise above and create a better quality of living outside of the bondage of mental slavery and flawed societal standards that do not support the potential of our Earth and her inhabitants to thrive.

In order to free ourselves, we must all take the steps needed and use the necessary tools and educate ourselves and modify our behaviors to heal and clear ourselves from all of the things preventing our ability to thrive and excel and become whole and healthy beings. We become empowered to free ourselves and the planet of all constructs of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual suffering  and all limitations and blockages to our well-being. As we gain self mastery and the skills needed to heal and clear ourselves from our personal traumas, we are evermore able to clearly perceive the root causes of all of our suffering. At the core level, immense suffering always exists within the disconnection and or interference between our body and our connection to Source and Oneness. This in itself is a shift in reality. A paradigm shift. A dimensional shift.

Ascension is about moving our consciousness from one reality to another. Reality is how we perceive our inner and outer expressions through our ability to experience our own various states of consciousness. Since reality is a dimension in itself, as we change our reality, through our very perception of reality- by taking steps to change ourselves and therefore change our personal environment, what we are undertaking via our ascension process is essentially a full dimensional shift. To go through this shift, to reach towards ascension, we must adjust our way of thinking and being to that which is in alignment with our soul purpose and true divine essence. Our true nature is that of loving kindness and compassion towards ourselves and all others; the health, wholeness, and oneness of our bodies, minds, and spirits as an expression of love itself, in unity with All of Creation.

Thank you for making the world a better place to be!

Take care of yourself and others, and stay in your heart space,

Much love,

K. Miller

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