Reassigning Values

Transmission – Finding True Self
K. Miller 6/1/2019

The planet we live in is ravished with many violations of the natural order of the way things are supposed to be, or are, and were meant to be. We have lost the way of our true nature of how we are, who we are, and what we really are. It is imperative that we move past these constraints that are holding us back from our true nature- that of wholeness and oneness and the understanding that we are much more empowered to create change than we realize. We must move back into alignment with natural law and the true order of things, all of life, all of creation, that of the Law of One, rather than the laws of mankind, and to reassess our values that uphold this. Simply put, the Law of One is the universal truth that all is one and exists as love.

It is apparent we have lost our way when we see how far away we are from our health and happiness. Most of us would agree if we stop and think about it, that the things we work the hardest on, and for, are the goals of feeling better, doing better, or being better off than we are now. Why aren’t we yet? We work so hard most of the week and then spend our leisure time either trying to enjoy it with friends and family, seeking out adventure, or alone recuperating in peace and quiet. What happened to our joy?

…And you may ask yourself, “How do I work this?”
And you may ask yourself, “Where is that large automobile?”
And you may tell yourself, “This is not my beautiful house”
And you may tell yourself, “This is not my beautiful wife”…

…You may ask yourself, “What is that beautiful house?”
You may ask yourself, “Where does that highway go to?”
You may ask yourself, “Am I right, am I wrong?”
You may say to yourself, “My God! What have I done?”…

-Talking Heads

What are the things that we determine bring us peace, comfort, and  joy? Is it watching Netflix and chilling? Is it getting wasted on Friday night? Cruising for a hot date or bootie call?  Is it going to happy hour every Wednesday with our coworkers? Is it going to church every Sunday? Is it watching the game on ESPN? Is it slaving in the kitchen to make a home cooked meal for our family? Do any of these things really bring us the fulfillment we are looking for? For some of us, and to a certain extent, the answer may be, yes, but if we dig deeper, we may hear a resounding, no! This is not to say any of these things are right or wrong, but If we truly examine our lives and what we really are searching for, and observe the ways we are going about it, we can more clearly see how often we are incongruent with what we want and what we are or aren’t doing to get it. Are we truly in alignment with the things we are doing in order to have that, or be that which we really wish to be- that which we are supposed to be? Are we truly fulfilling our highest purpose? Are we sharing our gifts, talents, and abilities and our greatest potential with the world?

We must be honest with ourselves and clearly assess our inner values and see if they are in sync with what is reflected in our surroundings. Does our workplace, our home, our partner, our family, our friends, and the bigger picture reflect what we represent or believe we personally represent as a whole? If not, and this is certainly true for all of us on planet Earth at this time, we must reevaluate our goals and what is truly important to us. When we live in balance, truth, and harmony with ourselves and others, we are living in balance, truth, and harmony within the universal natural laws, those that support the health, wellbeing, and wholeness of all. As we learn and practice our actions and behaviors in alignment with the Law of One, this drastically increases the quality of life for everyone.

Even though it may seem overwhelming to view these old paradigms, there are baby steps we can take to shift our values and empower ourselves in alignment with natural law or spiritual law. Those choices don’t have to entail getting a divorce, quitting our job, and moving off grid and living in a cave like a hermit- but quite honestly, any of these choices may be valid options, depending on your personal situation! What fulfillment are you gaining from that 9 to 5 job you spend the majority of your hours? Is this line of work hypocritical of your belief systems and values? Does it support your passions, skills, and talents? Are you truly in love with your partner or is it a relationship of safety and convenience…or misery? Do you feel like a doormat or a punching bag in your social relationships? These are all signs that you are not in alignment with your highest purpose and that it’s time to pay attention to that mirror reflection of yourself.

Even though this awareness of our current state of affairs might make us feel like running far, far away, it’s our responsibility to make the necessary changes, to be the change we wish to see in the world, as Gandhi is famously quoted as saying. Once we reassess our value systems, we make can make the choice to improve our mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing and our ability to thrive with a renewed sense of purpose. We then set goals and boundaries for ourselves and determine how we wish to view and interact with and endeavor to share these ethics with the rest of the world. Once we become clear and choose our personal integrity over that of societal standards, we gain the inner strength to be all that we are meant to be, and we are empowered and unconcerned of what others may think of the new found freedom we are experiencing. It becomes liberating and fearless when you decide to express yourself authentically.

As you assess your life choices, ask yourself if you are settling or compromising, or are you living in your highest truth. Are you compromising your values to go along with what others have in mind for you or a shared responsibility that isn’t feeling like the right thing to do? When we live, or base our lives on what society, and of the values of those we respect and love, and not of our personal ethics and deepest desires and passions, it compromises our integrity and negates our values and true intentions. We must take responsibility and recognize and focus our energies, time, and effort on what is important to us. Our passions, what makes us feel alive, what keeps us in that place of love and effortlessness- the zone. That is where our values are known. That healthy place, that state of being where we feel good without any approval or reason. The place of our highest purpose, that place we belong. That feeling that has no label or name or needs justification. That place that resides with, and within you, and of you feeling complete. That is where your true value and worth resides.

Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. You make the world a better place, just by being you.

Much love,

K. Miller

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