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K. Miller 6/4/2019

There are many entrapments on Earth which keep us complacent, complicit, and stuck and place blinders on us that prevent us from seeing all of the things that are wrong with the bigger picture and with the systems in place in our day to day functioning, or lack thereof. The systems in the organization of our financial systems, healthcare, schools, workplaces, and governments are just some of the ways we can clearly see the serious shortcomings, if not utter failings of functioning. If we look at their intended purposes and observe the results of these various services that are actually being provided, we ask ourselves, “Who or what is really benefitting from these various offices, programs, organizations, and institutions?”

As we look outside of ourselves and see these failing systems, do we choose to continue to support these systems, or is it in our best interest to make attempts to move beyond these structures that do not support us and the greater good of all concerned? The bottom line is the necessity to see the importance of our personal and global value systems and the energy we place to systems that do or do not support the health and wellbeing of ourselves and the planet as a whole. If we continue to consent to, by participating energetically with these dysfunctional and harmful systems and attempt to maintain the status quo, we will personally continue to have the same repetitive inner and outer unresolved conflicts.

Our inner world reflects our outer world and we must be responsible for where we place our energies. Are we supporting systems that harm the environment and our personal our health? It’s very difficult not to these days. With organic foods that come in non-recyclable packaging, with the majority of vehicles and other machines we rely on running on petrochemicals, with energy efficient light bulbs containing mercury, and even machines that run efficiently without combustion on batteries containing a number of toxic chemicals it becomes exceedingly difficult to maintain a ecologically supportive lifestyle. It can cause us frustration and overwhelm and feelings of guilt for not being able to do enough to protect our planet. And we look around and say, “How am I supposed to live sustainably without giving up all harmful material possessions and living off grid out in the woods somewhere?!” But how are we going to make a difference, if we’re not here with everyone else doing the best we can for one another? We can only forgive ourselves lovingly and simply do the best we can with what we’ve got. Most of us still need bank accounts and cars and, unfortunately, to continue to support many of these various structures, networks, and systems that benefit us in some ways, yet amass fortunes for the few running them at the expense of the rest of us.

Living as Americans, we are privileged to have access to public school but in some areas and for some individuals, for a number of reasons the education system fails, not only for the students, but for teachers and administrators as well. Many are finding that their children are not thriving and in some cases are harmed by the lack of personalized care and nurturing in the structure of public schools. Some adults are grateful to have had the opportunity of public schooling as a way for them to escape the abuse endured in their homes, to make friends, or to have a hot meal provided, not to mention a chance at improving their knowledge and skills that carried them into adulthood. Although it’s not always a possibility to have the choice to homeschool, un-school, or place your child into a private school for financial reasons or because you don’t feel qualified, it may be worth looking into to seek out the best solution that supports both you and your child’s learning in healthy ways. Again, if it’s not possible, do the best you can to be present and responsible for your child’s education and participate with their school as much as you can to look out for the safety and wellbeing of your child, because this is where they will spend the majority of their childhood.

As most American kids spend the majority of their childhood in school, adults spend most of their lives at their workplace. Whether we work from home or away, our jobs and careers equal our livelihood and how we bring home the bacon…or our veggie burgers. Do these hours that you put into your day equal blood, sweat, and tears? Is it all pain and no gain? The time we spend at work shouldn’t feel like suffering and grueling and waiting for clockout time. The majority of your work day should be pleasant and if it’s not, that needs to be taken into serious consideration. Sure, there are going to be some tasks we really dislike, but that’s true for things we’ve got to do at home too. It might not necessarily be the job, it may be the way you feel about your job or it’s a transition until you find your dream job. Make sure you aren’t staying in a low paying abusive job for this reason. You might not need to be stuck working for ‘the man'(or woman). If there is a dream or passion you’ve always wanted to fulfill, don’t wait! You might make a great entrepreneur, if that’s your thing. Your happiness and energy is important and nobody should be a paid slave.

It’s clear that where and how we place our energy has a direct impact on our health and wellbeing. That being said, if you still choose to watch TV(and no judgement here!), you’ll notice an incredibly high number of pharmaceutical commercials. Everyone looks incredibly blissed out living this perfect lifestyle, yet at the end you hear this laundry list of horrific side effects that sound much worse that the actual illness. It is imperative that we take our healthcare back into our own hands, even if we are forced to pay for healthcare or it’s covered by an employer or other group. We do not need to obligate ourselves and buy into the archaic structure of “modern” medical practices. Honestly, if you take care of your body by eating healthy whole mostly organic foods, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, drink clean mineralized water, exercise adequately, and use nontoxic body care and household products; most minor ailments can be treated without a physician’s care. We’ve been conditioned to believe that we need to run to the doctor at the slightest symptom and buy something to treat that symptom. If you are putting chemicals into your body to mask symptoms, you are merely exacerbating the problem and further burdening your organs with toxins. If rest, time, a specialized diet, and additional hydration and TLC don’t provide relief and healing; homeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements are much better choices for you and your family. Use your best judgement in all situations, and by all means don’t forgo medical care in an emergency or if other treatments are not seeming to be supportive to your health and wellness.

Ok, yep, I’m really going to go there…ugh…politics. I personally still struggle with this because the very idea of politics, especially in America, denotes our freedoms, our liberties, our rights as human beings. The idea that so many groups of Americans were not even given the right to vote until very recently or were even considered humans with rights, until very recently in our country, is mind boggling! It seems very irresponsible to not participate in the political system and exercise our citizen’s right to vote. Voting for issues we are passionate about and that stand for what we believe in is the only opportunity we have to uphold our God given rights and freedoms, right?! But that’s just it, the governmental structures of the world, in general, do not grant us our rights and freedoms. These rules and regulations and meting out of justice are manmade law, not those given by God. We are sovereign and free beings regardless of human laws. This is not to say we should be living without any social structures that prevent our safety, rights, and freedoms or that we should be living in chaos and anarchy. But if we study how our government works and how it was founded, we see the many flaws inherent by design in the system itself. So, whether you choose to vote or not, the key is to excuse yourself from participating in the media circus frenzy or by fervently choosing sides and feeding the political system with judgement, anger and bitterness, fear, or feelings of despair. Instead conserve your energy and try merely being an observer. You’ll be surprised at what you discover!

Another topic that causes a lot of controversy equal to politics in the public arena, is religion. Now, it is important to clarify religion from that of spirituality. Religion is a set of rules and belief systems made on Earth, by people that tell us how we should or should not perceive or worship God, or the worship of different forms made to represent God, or any number of forms designed to place our energy through worship. These various forms of religion often generally are, or can be irrelevant to Universal Law and Truth and in support of God and Oneness. Is our adoration and reverence in alignment with love and compassion and caring for all of mankind and all living things or is our focus on a book, statue, or symbol that speaks of or represents suffering and bloodshed? As with that of politics, we also see religion has repeatedly been used energetically to support war and conflict worldwide. Certainly, anything supporting the love of God and that of all of creation does not condone or advocate judgement, bloodshed, or harm in any way, shape, or form. Spirituality is very individualized and personal and needs no rules, dogma, arguments, initiation, or indoctrination. Spirituality and our relationship with God is personal and needs no words or labels, or even faith to be experienced. It just is, whether you believe or not. It just is.

The more we become aware of energetically draining or vampiric and parasitic structures, systems, and networks or those that do not serve our personal needs, we can choose to continue to participate with and place our energies elsewhere or resign from and remove ourselves from the consent of these systems and institutions that harm us or do not serve our highest purpose and the greatest good of all concerned. Whatever quality of energy we choose to create and participate with, knowingly or unknowingly, has an impact and effect on everything else in the world. Yes, you are that powerful! So always be diligent and clear where you place your focus and what energies you are participating with. Simply ask for forgiveness, acknowledge, honor, and let go of any negative feelings and attitudes associated with any of these energetic systems you do not wish to be a part of, but have no choice in the matter, then ask to be in alignment to that of your highest purpose and true God self. Declare your resignation from any energetic involvement that may be binding you to this system in a harmful way and choose a stance of neutrality when you find yourself in a stressful situation or your attitude toward, or the energy of that particular system just doesn’t feel right for you. Know that you are always safe and supported no matter what and continue to consciously choose the energies, systems, and situation that are congruent and in alignment to your soul’s purpose and path here on Earth and with that of All of Creation.

Please take whatever you need from this post and disregard the rest…and read my ABOUT page!

Peace and love to you and congratulations on your journey back to Oneness!

K. Miller

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