Controller Forces

Transmission – Clearing of Self and Planet
K. Miller 6/6/2019

It is imperative that we become aware of and understand that there are groups of individuals on this Earth that lack consciousness and the ability to feel empathy and compassion for humanity. Further, they have agendas to harm and dominate all life on this planet in order to sustain themselves. This may be something you are already aware of, or if you are unaware of this fact, it may sound like fear mongering and complete nonsense made up for the sake of sensationalism or to gain personal attention. As I learned of these things, I wished they weren’t true, but over time, I began to see the correlations. I often wondered and stated aloud, “Who would gain by polluting the air they breathe, the water they drink, and the food they eat? I read the bumper stickers that said, “No Jobs On A Dead Planet” and “People Over Profit”. I wondered what legacy these CEOs are leaving for their children and how they can sleep at night. What do they eat and drink? In the future, where are these people going to find food that isn’t tainted when they’ve destroyed everything? The only conclusion that made sense is that they were either not from here(i.e., not people) and wanted to harm us for whatever reason or they needed a place to live and could only thrive on toxins that they so liberally spread throughout the planet, and had complete disregard for all other life forms in the process. It became clear to me in connecting the dots, long before I received confirmation with my own eyes and ears and the guidance of my higher self and Starseed families, that indeed, humans were not the ones committing these atrocities and violations to the planet and her inhabitants.

According to psychological research statistical records, psychopaths make up 1%, and sociopaths make up 4% of the global population. By definition a psychopath is a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. A sociopath is someone with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience. Now let’s look at the very small percentage of those that are dominating resources, destroying the environment, are in positions of power, and financially back, begin, and advocate wars. Interestingly enough, according to statistics the concentration of wealth lies in the hands of 1% of the world population. The amount of money we’re speaking of isn’t that of wealthy populations of society, we’re speaking of net worth and ownership and those who could not possibly ever use all the money they have acquired in several lifetimes and there is a vast imbalance of what is being shared in contrast with what is being hoarded or obtained for self serving means.

So let’s go back and look at some of these behaviors we observe that are very inhumane or antihuman that are demonstrated by these groups in power and compare them with those of sociopathic and psychopathic traits. According to Psychology Today, the seven most common traits of a sociopath are: 1. Lying and manipulation, 2. Lack of morality and rule breaking, 3. Lack of empathy and cold heartedness, 4. Narcissism and false superiority complex, 5. Gaslighting and psychological bullying, 6. Lack of contrition(remorse) and self serving victimhood, 7. Situational psychopathy or sociopathy which is the behavior of seeing or categorizing some as worthy and others as unworthy of respect or humane treatment. The behaviors of the sociopath and psychopath differ slightly in that a psychopath doesn’t just exhibit antisocial dysfunctional behaviors but in addition, seeks out to harm in a very disassociated and calculated manner. I want to make it clear that I am in no way judging or indicating that mental illness is the cause of these wrongs being perpetrated en masse on the planet. But on the contrary, these behaviors have been instilled in the masses by these few inhumane and very inhuman controller entities.

These insidious parasites have infiltrated and orchestrated the very foundations of the functioning of our societal and cultural belief systems and are responsible for the various forms of patriarchal domination, abuses, greed, and violence seen on our planet. These controller groups consist of the military industrial complex; within various public governmental offices and compartmentalized alphabet agencies and facets of shadow governments and organizations; Hollywood and entertainment businesses; the media and press; petrochemical, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries; and within various agencies and organizations of religion, academia, medical associations, and financial institutions. We can clearly see the commonality of the majority of these systems and organizations is greed and corruption. All need an audience, consumers, or bodies in order to support their wealth and power supply and demand. Your money, your illness, your fear, your faith, your hunger, your interest, your need, your energy- all of this is necessary for their survival. I am not saying that all people involved in all of these departments, businesses, and organizations are corrupt or need to quit their jobs or boycott or protest. I am stating that the foundation of the ownership and agenda of these agencies and those appointed in positions of control, authority, and power- are at fault with their unsustainable, parasitic and vampiric systems, actions, and behaviors of inequity and abuse. These systems not only take more than they give, but generate enormous physical and energetic harm and devastation to the planet and her inhabitants.

Now that we know more about the behaviors and characteristics of these antihuman individuals and groups and their structures of and positions of power and influence, who or what are they, how did they get here, and how are they able to influence us? These controller archetypes are made up of a consortium of various different types of beings from a multitude of different dimensional realms. They have had the ability to infiltrate the Earth realms to infect and feed for eons without being detected because of the nature of the density of this Earth realm and because of human’s inability to experience multidimensionality for such a long period of time. Some of these entities existed as forms of a multitude of diversified species of bodies long ago and arrived via physical vehicles and others that have existed solely as energetic forms arrived through various other means of multidimensional travel. These numerous entities go by names you’ve probably heard from historic legends or from various religious or spiritual groups- demons, jinns, archons, reptilians, evil spirits, dark forces, etc. All are appropriate names for what they are. There isn’t necessarily a differentiation needed in label, although there are a multitude of different types of these energetic vampires and parasites with somewhat different reasons for and ways of controlling their host.

Some inhabit human bodies as hitch hikers or attachments, others have the ability to hijack a human body in order to function in various Earth dimensions. There are those that operate as consciousness or energetic controllers and siphoners without a need to operate a physical body in order to manipulate and dictate to the person, particular behaviors or actions, in order to get what they need from them. These various life forms are not all organic in nature, nor do they all share the same type of sentience or consciousness(or lack of) that drives their motivation to dominate or feed off of human life forms. There are some that intentionally harm with the purpose to control and manipulate with the agenda of global domination and ownership as one would attempt to own property. There are others that feed off of Earth body energies in the same way a flea, tick, or mosquito feeds parasitically off of physical bodies. Yet, these particular parasites feed off of various energetic systems of the body such as organs and chakras and the electromagnetic energy the body emits, and there are those that feed off of particular low vibrational energies emitted by the auric field of heightened emotional states of negativity from their host. The primary motivation of these controller forces is to feed off of and in some cases purposefully weaken the host to gain more control and domination over the body and consciousness of the person, which is the very reason illness exists on our planet. This illness is not only exhibited in our physiological bodies, but also with our psychological states as well.

Some with psychic abilities and heightened sensory perception are able to sense these beings, either with open or closed eyes, or during meditative states; by feeling them; or having the experience that they are being watched or stalked by a force that is not human. These entities are extremely manipulative and can present themselves as something pleasant in order to gain control over their victim, especially those that have the potential ability to identify what they are. Because of our planet becoming less and less dense with the ascension energies, more and more people are becoming able to sense these entities and it is essential that we educate ourselves about these predator forces so that we can protect ourselves mentally, energetically, and physically. It is vital for us to learn psychic self-defense and ego clearing techniques, and begin training or remain disciplined in our emotional and energetic self-mastery skills. There are very many energetic healers and spiritual counselors and professionals who are in denial of, or are oblivious to these energies that are ever present or those that are unaware of their own energetic body health and how to maintain spiritual housekeeping. It doesn’t take any special abilities or certification to protect yourself, your loved ones, or those you may be working with energetically. It does require your awareness that these entities and energies exist, along with your intention and your diligence to make the required improvements or continued maintenance of your energetic body and the space you occupy.

Declaring your sovereignty is the first step to preventing these predators from gaining control, the next is taking full responsibility for your life through your thoughts, behaviors, and actions. With practice of self-awareness, you’ll gain clarity and discernment. Even if you don’t have the abilities to sense these controller forces, being in full control of every aspect of yourself at all times is key. The bottom line is, you needn’t be food or fodder for these entities and we are definitely not victims. Just like you wear a coat when it’s cold or put on sunscreen or wear a hat when you’re outdoors for a long time in the sunshine, or apply insect repellent when there are lots of mosquitoes buzzing; it’s just common sense to do what is necessary to protect the health of our spiritual bodies in the same way. The means of protecting ourselves from these controller predator forces is by becoming the best selves we can be, what we are designed to be, who we truly are. Self-mastery is an ongoing process and we will always need to continue to maintain diligence over our thoughts, behaviors, and actions as long as we are on this planet. Work on healing your shadow self and past harms and traumas, clear away any fears, apply forgiveness, and replace all with love. Walk in gratitude and alignment with God and Oneness and practice daily routines of upholding your emotional and energetic health. Keep building your inner strength and peace, and creatively and fearlessly use the tools necessary to keep these pests at bay.

Always let your heart be your guide and spread love wherever you are,

K. Miller

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