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It is truly difficult to grasp the idea of multidimensionality as we inhabit these bodies here on Earth and are limited in this density due to the very fact that it is extremely dense here, compared to most other physically manifested dimensional realms of our Cosmos. These energetic forces that are accelerating on this planet are electromagnetic currents which are the measurement and description of these energies that are responsible for our very life force and our ability to perceive our experiences the way we do on Earth. Everything is energy and we can look at or describe it, in order to attempt to explain conceptually, in terms we can understand(or try to), the various different dimensions, as compartments and spaces of consciousness experience. These dimensions, which can also be described as timelines, all have varying frequency patterns that are accessed with and within our bodies and consciousness ability via our energetic patternings, DNA, the surrounding energies, and the clarity of these energies free from distortions or blockages. All of these variables and more, are what dictate what we can or can’t multidimensionally perceive or experience at our current level of consciousness here on Earth, collectively and individually. That being said, with the ramping up of these electromagnetic forces or our planet and that of the Universe, our consciousness energy is rapidly expanding and allowing us personally to experience life in a way that we have never encountered before.

As we progress forward with our ascension process on planet Earth, we begin to have new experiences that defy our current belief systems and shake the very foundation of all we’ve ever known. Some of us have stepped into new senses outside of the five we’ve been limited to- new perceptions in the way we view ourselves, others, and the world around us through heightened states of awareness, cognition, and emotion beyond the parameters of our former consciousness boundaries. Some of the things we undergo and encounter on our ascension journey are not all wondrous and amazing, but can be and often are extremely painful, confusing, and disorienting and lead us to believe something is really, really wrong with us. We may feel as if we are losing our minds, are experiencing a life threatening illness or disease, or are fighting gravity and/or defying any number of known laws of physics. At this point of our ascension process, we have already discovered the many things inherently wrong with the state of affairs on this planet and we’ve gone down that rabbit hole a few times and have begun to witness these drastic changes in ourselves, even if we didn’t consciously choose to drink the potion in our apron pocket! It isn’t the concept that there is something wrong with us, this awareness says that there is actually something right with us. It is all part of what all of us will be going through, at some point or another during this cycle. As we undergo this transformation, our bodies are being cleared of the obsolete energies, blockages, and restraints placed on us, as we were experiencing prior consciousness limitations. These new shifts in our perception and thinking, some gradual and some shockingly sudden, are the experiencing of our true multidimensional selves and the reality of the vastness of our multidimensional existence.

Some of the ‘symptoms’ of us evolving are a result of us becoming our true multidimensional selves- much like a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely heard of ascension symptoms and this is indeed part of the shedding off of the old systems, beliefs, and energies and our physical bodies are being taxed energetically much like it would be on your organs after consuming an enormous amount of food. The high frequency rates of energy we are experiencing on Earth at this time are unprecedented. So much like the heavy meal creating stress to our body, this analogy can be applied to understand the way our bodies, energetically and physically, are processing this incredibly high energy available to the planet during this ascension cycle. With this transformation of our bodies and the resulting stress, we can experience a number of healing crises symptoms as we assist in the transmutation and purging of these old energies. We might feel like we don’t want to be in our physical bodies anymore because things just seem so thick and dense and difficult, like an intense struggle to just get of bed and go about our daily tasks. We may be suffering a tremendous amount of physical pain in our joints, muscles, or bones. Headaches, digestive issues, flulike symptoms, and a plethora of mysterious illnesses that professionals aren’t able to diagnose that come and go, seemingly out of nowhere, manifesting either in acute or minor symptoms. Our nervous systems are undergoing an extreme makeover in order to be able to absorb and utilize the ramping up of electromagnetic currents flowing into our Mother Gaia’s body.

Just as we may experience mild to severe physical symptoms that are part of the process of us clearing out all that is preventing us from integrating our authentic multidimensional selves, there are also the inevitable and necessary clearings that we undergo with our mental and emotional bodies. Experiencing higher sensory perceptions of the “clairs”: clairvoyance(clear seeing), claircognizance(clear knowing), clairaudience(clear hearing), clairsentience(clear physical or emotional feeling) are all becoming more common, even if these senses are not necessarily being experienced clearly at all. We may begin to see spirit bodies, extraterrestrials, negative entities and be able to verbally or non-verbally communicate with these beings; have telepathic communication with our loved ones or strangers through empathic or audial experiences; have visions or premonitions in dreams or through meditation or awakened states; have intense identified or unidentified empathic states of emotional or physical feelings of our own, those of others, or collectively from group energies or those of the planet; memories of past lives of our own or others, or collective memories of historical planetary or galactic trauma or cataclysm. Depression, anxiety, and a number of other mental illness symptoms may become very prevalent and as debilitating and as real as any physical ascension symptoms.

It is important to note that even though these various symptoms and experiences may be new to you, and as long as they are not manifesting as anything other than spiritual- meaning they are undiagnosed as a permanent physical condition or serious life threatening illness, they are indeed normal to the evolutionary process of humankind; and will eventually pass, as we care for our bodies lovingly, free from fear, and do what is required for us to heal. We must do the inner work to identify our shadow selves and wounded child selves and clear out ego programs and emotional traumas and any other blockages or limitations preventing us from experiencing wholeness and unifying our true multidimensional selves. All illness is energy, and can be healed energetically, but some of us may require professional medical care and treatments to assist our bodies, even if it means pharmaceuticals to help get us where we need to be in our healing process.

One of the things I now experience most on a daily basis and accept it as ‘it is what it is’, is the experience of physical time and space skipping or slipping or changing constantly. One of the very first significant messages of wisdom my Starseed guidance shared with me, was that there is one thing that you can always be certain of, and that is change. I knew I had heard this somewhere and was amused by this and at that time did not have a clue how true this statement would be for me! Funny, I actually learned during the process of writing this particular blog and wanted to give credit where credit was due, was that the original documentation of this concept of “Life is Flux”, was authored by Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus(c.535 – c. 475 BCE). It’s worth your while to look into his writings!

Not only will your lifestyle and structure be forced to change with these higher frequencies in order to keep up with the pace, also will the minor day to day experiences of your cognitive and mental functions and perceptions fluctuate. You might find out your spouse has been cheating on you. You might get fired from your job or if you are an entrepreneur, learn that you’ll need to make some changes in the way you’ve been doing business because you aren’t making ends meet with the way you have always done things. Any number of life altering events are bound to happen at this time, in order to place you on the path you need to be, to learn important karmic lessons, and to make the necessary changes within yourself in order to evolve. Even though it may feel as if the rug has been ripped out from under you and your world has been turned upside down, know you’ll get through it and you are always supported, no matter what it feels like. If these intense changes aren’t enough to make you feel as if you are seriously losing it or send you over the edge, the small daily occurrences of multidimensionality evidencing can be very disconcerting if you are viewing them outside the context and understanding of the ascension process. Temporary fleeting confusion of short term memory lapses, not being able to use or choose the words to verbalize thoughts into sentences, feeling uncertain of what is really going on or who you actually are, looking at the clock and seeing that you’ve been reading or napping for 5 hours when it felt like a half an hour or so, and that moment where the jar of almond butter that was not in the fridge- subsequently appears right before your eyes as you look again in the refrigerator a half an hour later…and swear that was not there before (true story), are just a few examples. These and so many other little odd goings on, are all actually normal experiences of multidimensional reality! As long as any of these states are not lingering and hindering your ability to function and support yourself in healthy ways, you are ok and are only going to get better, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. If you do not feel able to move past any psychological, physical, or emotional states, by all means, seek out professional medical, psychological care, or counseling.

As we speak of our multidimensional selves and our quest of ascension, the ultimate goal is to bring ourselves back to unity and oneness. Although we are individuals, none of us are actually separate beings, but are truly everything and everywhere all at once. We are multidimensional beings perceiving a very limited experience which is ever expanding, and with these expanding energies, we are that much more able than ever to read the energies of each other and our planet and that of our universe, and to experience a greater capacity to feel and connect and to receive these abilities and gifts of extrasensory perception that are our divine birthright. Through this process of discovering the true nature of our multidimensionality, it’s important to treat ourselves with forgiveness and patience, lovingly and without judgement, as we go through these incredible changes in our physiological and energetic bodies. Although we’ve temporarily lost our way, we are finding it again through ourselves and each other, through our empathy and compassion and ever expanding consciousness and connection with God and Oneness.

I love you. Thank you for all you are and all you do,

K. Miller

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