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Transmission – Excessive Consumption
K. Miller 6/29/2019

When we are in alignment to Universal Law, energetic law, the laws that govern our existence and the way our energetic presence interacts with that of the entirety of creation, we are in alignment with God. Most of us here on Earth aren’t able to because these natural laws are not visible and these principles and energies have been distorted by forces that want us to remain ignorant of spiritual law, or Natural Law, in order to enslave our consciousness and hold our evolutionary development at a certain level to keep us cycling in reincarnational loops within our own self imposed karma. To be clear, karma is not punishment or lessons per say, but the Law of Cause and Effect. The only reason we have remained on Earth in these cycles lifetime after lifetime is because we have yet to move to the higher dimensions out of this one. Where we currently reside on Earth, this particular dimension is so incredibly dense that it acts as a consciousness trap. We get here and have amnesia of who we are and where we came from and what we are even supposed to be doing here. This is not God’s plan by our collective choice in order to make the lessons that contribute towards our growth and evolution difficult or confusing. It’s the density here, or lower frequency energies, along with the many interfering energies and entities that are basically scrambling the organic signals that keep us from clearly connecting to source. We’ve forgotten these Universal truths and it’s imperative that we understand them, relearn them, and make a conscious effort to apply them in our daily lives.

Something I have more and more frequently observed within the spiritual community with various metaphysical shop owners, reiki practitioners, and many other well meaning and kindhearted individuals, is the widespread practicing of witchcraft. Now, this is not a judgement or condemnation of any particular religion or religious practice, but is the concern of the naiveté of Universal Law and the Law of Cause and Effect that disrupts or sabotages their evolutionary path, including that of others. When we interfere with Natural Law and are not acting in the highest good of all concerned, we are indeed interfering with the wellbeing of all concerned. As we are all one in unity, it is not for an individual or group to decide the fate of another and impose personal will upon them.

The most recognized of Natural Law, through it’s recent renewal into popularity, is the Law of Attraction. This law can be explained as a bylaw of some of the other Universal Laws. One being the Law of Cause and Effect and another being the Law of Resonance. The Law of Cause and Effect is the basic concept of ‘you reap what you sow’. Whatever quality of energy or frequency we put out, is matched in vibration and is reflected back to us, experienced through the Law of Resonance and the Law of Polarity or Duality. Your thoughts, words, deeds, actions, behaviors, etc. are all creations sent out into the Universe as energy. This energy you put out, or resonate, whether aware of doing so or not, is ‘returned’ to you as vibration that is energetically attracting the matched energy or repelling the opposite polarity energy in accordance with natural law.

That being said, we have every right to protect our energetic body and defend ourselves from psychic attack. This does not need to be done by means of any ritual, spell or curse, but we can practice daily routines of renewing, fortifying, and shielding our light body. This is simply done with intention, and yes, you certainly can ask for help. Help is asked from your highest expression of yourself, your higher self, or God self. The part of yourself that resides in the higher dimensions. The dimensions we are striving to unify our different aspects of being as a whole from where we are now. Calling on or invoking saints, deities, gods, and goddesses, ascended masters, and even angels can be asking for trouble. If you are not fully protected or operating with ego distortions, heavy entity attachments, or a mental state of non neutrality or distraction, you can be a beacon for a number of spiritual predators who are ready to assume the role of any of these helpers you are calling on, be they legitimate spiritual assistance and guides or not.

If we know we are experiencing psychic attack, or know we have been intentionally harmed or believe we have been harmed by black magic, we can take steps to remedy the situation without counter attacks of witchcraft or hiring someone to perform dark arts on our behalf to thwart these attacks. Without imposing our will on anyone, we can deflect the energies of harm toward us by declaring our sovereignty, our alignment with God Source energy, and refusing to consent to these attacks. Everyone is responsible for the energetic consequences of their actions so it’s our own personal spiritual behaviors and actions that will ward off and defend ourselves from these attackers. Practicing responsible spiritual and energetic self mastery in alignment with the Laws of Intent, Consent, and Authority are keys to our spiritual safety and right karmic path.

Is what you are praying for or asking spiritual assistance for in service to others and the greatest good of all concerned, or is it something for personal gain, or to fix a situation or make someone change their behavior to benefit you or someone else? What are your motivations and intentions when practicing magic? It is important to be very clear of your intentions and reasons for wanting things to be different than they currently are and responsibly co-create. Co-creation is the recognition that you do not exist within a vacuum as an ordained, selected, or elite in practicing and sharing your God given gifts, abilities, and wisdom. We are all incredibly powerful beings, and with that power comes great responsibility to focus our energies where they are needed, where they are requested or consented, and towards the benefit and well being of all of creation.

Similar to the Law of Resonance, the Law of Structure principle is that of the quality of the energy of a structure or system in conjunction with other energies and how these interact, or are experienced as consciousness. What thoughts and feelings are we maintaining? Are we mentally and physically stable or are we crumbling inside desperately trying to maintain control of ourselves through our surroundings- through material possessions, people, or external stimuli? What energies are we taking in and what energies are we putting out? Our microcosm is reflected in the macrocosm, from the smallest nanoparticle to the vastness of space. We know the devastation that a microscopic colony of harmful bacteria can be responsible for. But just as there are harmful bacteria, there are infinitely more beneficial life supporting microbiomes of living organisms. As above, so below. As within, is also expressed and manifested outside of ourselves.

If we are having negative experiences in our lives, it is not bad luck or because of a hex or curse placed on us. Although black magic and energetic attacks are very real and very effective, we are sovereign beings that have the ability to free our selves from any forms and structures of control or dominance over our minds, bodies, and energy. Negative patterns that repeat in our lives are symptoms of a greater personal issue or issues that need addressing. Similar to pain in our body such as nausea or a headache telling us to rest or change our lifestyle or habits, or that we have a thorn needing to be removed from our foot; when we see these negative manifestations outside of us, there is always an internal source. When we are diligent and honest with ourselves and take responsibility to heal and clear our spiritual body, our emotional wounds, our ego defenses and mental trappings, we then begin to see our outer world reflecting the harmony and synchronicity we desire.

Lessons of experience are needed for our growth in order to apply what we’ve learned in future situations to help others and build our quality of character. Our ‘hands on’ learning experiences cannot equate to anything we are instructed or any reality we might study or read about. The wisdom we gain from our personal encounters through others and events that take place in our world are essential, and are meaningless unless we apply that wisdom towards our evolutionary path. We can choose to see these negative experiences and events as punishment, being dealt a bad hand, fated or cursed with bad karma or bad luck, or we can acknowledge these, with gratitude, as opportunities for lessons towards our growth.

Universal Laws of Creation are principles that we must place our consciousness in alignment to, to uphold and act with integrity and responsibility in all our endeavors. Just as we hold others accountable for their actions, we must hold ourselves spiritually accountable for our actions and energies. We needn’t fight fire with fire and seek external sources for our sense of safety and wellbeing or to attempt to right wrongs or apply justice. Our connection to God and Oneness does not require specific offerings, favors, requests, or rituals. Our communication with Source and our request for assistance is personal, and it’s only requirements are our integrity and our choice and intention to be in service to others through God’s authority by upholding and acting in accordance with the Law of One. The behaviors that reflect these Universal principles are our unconditional loving-kindness and compassion, emotional mastery, honesty and integrity, capacity to discern and appropriately assess our reality, and through our ability to responsibly partner in co-creation in service to others. We need only to follow the natural rhythms and pulse of life rather than impose our personal will to contradict Natural Law. There are numerous paths that lead us on our journey to Oneness, and each one is unique. When we concentrate our focus, energies, and efforts to Divine purpose, rather than to that of the self and our personal will, we expand our effectiveness and personal power with grace and ease that resides and positively reverberates within us, through us, and therefore as a result, positively influences the greater whole.

Remember your power lies within, within you and that of your God Self,

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart…I’ll always be with you.”

~ A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh Library


K. Miller

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