I am a lightworker with a mission to assist God and Oneness to uphold the Laws of One. I have learned so much on my journey and my purpose is to assist others to see that we live in a false light matrix designed by artificial intelligence machinery. I have learned the way to remove myself from the harnesses and machinery and I can help you get free of this by showing you some techniques that I have learned and sharing all the resources and assistance that will help you to free yourself from this mind and body control matrix we live in.

The Earth is not a planet but an artificial construct made by using our body consciousness and energies harvested to create an environment for parasitic artificial entitiies to reside in. Yes, this all seems insane and people might think I am insane, including my closest friends and family members but I have literally been through hell and back and I have been assisted by God directly to clear and remove myself from this False Light Matrix which I was fully consumed and abused by.

Being within this False Light Construct and being fully controlled by it, I did many things that harmed myself and others throughout eons of time. But now I understand the true nature of what and who we are, for the most part, and I do have a mission here on Earth. I formerly thought that I was a Starseed Lightbeing of God, but learned this is not true when I began what I thought was my Starseed journey was actually my path back to Oneness and God. With the help of Lisa Renee, a true Starseed Lightworker with a mission to directly assist in the bringing home of lost souls trapped in this False Light Matrix.

The False Light Matrix is what keeps us reincarnating, not our past wrongful deeds, words, and actions. The controller parasites of this mind matrix orchestrate all of these indoctrinations to keep us powerless and helpless, confused, used, and abused. I had a lot of trouble understanding all this at first and knew all along since I was born, that something is not right at all about this place. Although many things about Earth are beautiful, it is not at all what it seems, and it is in fact an illusion. All of it. The birds, trees, sky, and water is all a holographic reality formed by the constructs of our consciousness…

To be continued as this page is a work in progress!

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