The False Twin

Transmission – Path To Oneness
K. Miller 6/13/2019

There is a concept within the spiritual community that has been misinterpreted and needs clarification. It is the distorted spiritual Law of Gender or Law of Polarity or Duality. This distortion or misinterpretation of divine masculine and feminine unity has been presented as a physical sacred union of a pair of romantic partners labeled as Twin Flame, Soul Mate, or Soul Twin. If we look at the story of Shiva and Shakti we see this as a way to explain the balance of the divine feminine and masculine meant to be balanced within each of us as humans. This union of the feminine and masculine is not actually obtained by seeking out a physical partner. This is not a sexual tantric quest to achieve enlightenment nor a particular perfect mate or spouse to share our lives with. This is not to say that physical relationships and romantic partner relationships don’t contribute to our lessons and experiences towards our personal masculine and feminine balance or towards our path of ascension. It is true that there are some actual twin souls, and at this time, very few that exist as physical bodies on Earth. The soul twin can be expressed in a myriad of ways- as siblings, a parent child relationship, close friends, and even lovers. The soul twin, even more rarely can reside within one physical body on Earth.

To be clear, masculine and feminine is not defined by our gender, our DNA configuration, or our sexual preferences. Masculine and feminine, in this context, refers to how the energy polarities are expressed into form. Polarity describes the balance of opposites present in all of creation, whether manifested as physical form or existing etherically. Think of the positive and negative charge of batteries needed to form a circuit to conduct the electrons through the wires to power a machine. Our bodies are the conductors of the flow of Source energy and the complex systems of our bodies act as the circuitry and our consciousness is the engineer of our body. Our consciousness and Source energy provide the instructions to our physical body via our energetic light body. If our bodies aren’t able to receive these instructions properly, we suffer from imbalances. Bodily imbalances are the cause of health problems, not only physiologically, but psychologically as well. Within the context of ascension, we are seeking out to harmonize and unify the extreme polarity imbalances within ourselves- the fundamental principles of polarity. As humans, our physical body pairs, or counterparts, are referred to as gender. Gender pairs are expressed in most of the animal and plant kingdoms on Earth.

The soul mate has been described often to refer to the perfect romantic partner that seemed as destiny when the meeting occurred and the couple finds themselves inseparable and head over heels in love from that moment forward. In reality, we are all soulmates. That being said, there are soul agreements, soul pairings, and soul groups that do indeed exist, that most certainly serve a divine purpose. The role of soul mate can include any number of platonic soul relationships as well as that of a romantic partner. A soul mate may be labeled as such when there is a memory or a feeling of having known this person throughout lifetimes or eternally existing with them or feeling as if you are supposed to accomplish a life goal together through some sort of pre-birth agreement. While all of these can be true, sadly more often than not, there are so many distortions in our perceptions of romantic love and partnership, primarily through our ego and predatorial forces, that cause this phenomenon. This is not to say there are not perfect marriages and partnerships experienced, by any means, but these are not the same type of soul partnerships serving the purpose of the Indigo, Star Seed, and Lightworker spiritual union roles or missions.

There is a strange seduction that happens with relationships when one or both partners are infested with entities and attachments. There are specific parasitic predators that feed off of sexual misery and dysfunctional relationships. They are originally responsible for the root causes of the sexual and relationship discordance and damages of humanity. There are numerous intentional and unintentional sexual and energetic predators that are motivated by ego, unhealed emotional wounding, mental illness and trauma, belief systems, and a number of other harmful mental constructs and distortions. Due to unawareness of these unhealthy and destructive dynamics of victim-victimizer and other archetypal patternings, unhealed aspects of ourselves, energetic attachments and parasitic entities, soul fragmentation, and any number of energetic and spiritual woundings, and those of our prospective partners, we are not likely to have blissful and harmonious partnerships and relationships with anyone. The intense intrigue and infatuation of these predatorial seductions may seem very real, but if we are diligent in our spiritual protection and self mastery practices and are aware of our unhealed self and ego traps, we can see that our self relationship and love take precedence over our quest for romantic partnership. It’s our loneliness and desire for something external to heal us and make us whole that lures us into these relationship traps of the false or imposter soul mate, twin, or divine union partner. We must nurture and protect ourselves lovingly and have the clarity to proceed with caution and honest foresight and not be blinded by our emotional and biological needs and egos that prevent us from our right thinking.

In general, most Indigos, Starseeds, and Lightworkers are not aware of their roles and relationships and their soul identities aren’t even known to them. Although the disclosure through imparted information from Source is accelerating, it isn’t necessary to know that you came to Earth with the purpose of assisting humanity and Earth’s ascension process. And many that are very aware and in full communication with their higher selves, Light families, and guides, are still confused and not all that clear about their knowledge of their true identities and purpose here on Earth. There are many cases of people connecting and communicating psychically, energetically, empathically, and/or telepathically with their soul twin and or soul families. As said, the person isn’t necessarily aware of the experience they are having and there are various reasons that soul relationship identities aren’t disclosed, therefore often the experience isn’t understood. Some of these experiences are dismissed out of frustration of the inability to understand who this person is, remembered from childhood as an imaginary friend, or seen as a delusion associated with mental illness. Often the soul twin in question is not inhabiting a body or is inhabiting a body but living in a very far proximity to their pair, due to soul mission requirements to be in a specific location. This arrangement can be temporary and some cases the person may be in communication or energetically aware of their paired connection and will travel in order to physically locate in order to reunite with their soul family member or twin partner.

Just as it is important to proceed with discernment in our choices and pursuit of romantic partners and relations, and our perception of our purpose and connection to our soul partnerships, it is equally important to apply this with the information and teachings presented and shared within the spiritual community. There are many in spiritual leadership roles that are not in a place of true responsible leadership and service to others and may be regurgitating material that they have gathered from various sources without personal experiences, questioning, or research, either due to naivety, negligence, or predatorial greed. The majority may have their intentions and their heart in the right place in service to others but their connection and communication with Source may be unclear for a number of reasons leading them to spread misinformation, rather than harming purposefully through calculated disinformation or fabricated teachings. Be extremely leary of and guard yourself from anyone claiming to be an expert on the subject, that they know of, can predict, or give you a reading pertaining to your Twin Flame or Soul Mate, or can provide some sort of attunement to connect you with this person.

The Twin Flame has been the most misunderstood of all the labels of physical or energetic unions and, in fact, isn’t a partnership at all. It is the description of the merging, or union, of the divine feminine and masculine within the light body- the full balance of energetic polarity within the body. It is similar to describing the process of the opening and balancing of the chakras of the body termed as kundalini fire. It is a way to describe what is seen by those with extra sensory perception when these energetic systems of the body activate, come into alignment, or balance with each other. This is the true sacred union, the merging and balance of the divine masculine and feminine polarities within the human form and energetic body together as one with that body. It has nothing to do with astral travel experiences, physical relationships, sex, or orgasm. Similar to a full kundalini awakening, it is something the vast majority of humans have yet to experience. Many may claim to know their Twin Flame or have experienced a full opening of their chakras, but they are mistaken. These are all possibilities in the near future, but presently, we simply haven’t collectively reached that point of our ascension process. Rather than judge others or ourselves for our ignorance and misguidance, it is necessary to forgive ourselves and others for our misperceptions and misunderstandings or our gullibility, and honor our learning process and where we personally are in our ascension progression.

“The source of our love comes from within. No one out there is that source. It makes sense to go to that source.”

~Susan Jeffers

The Twin Flame divine union, also termed Heiros Gamos, Latin for sacred marriage, is achieved during the process of clearing out our higher chakras and through the healing of all aspects of our multidimensional selves. When all blockages to accessing our high heart or 8th chakra are cleared, we are able to experience the igniting of our Twin Flame through our inner sacred marriage of divine masculine and feminine polarity balance. At that point, an additional vibration or frequency is added to our existing consciousness, termed Christ consciousness or Holy Trinity. This is the Holy Mother and Father birthing of the Christ child metaphor. Christ is not a person, but a consciousness beyond our understanding here on Earth at this time. This is the move beyond polarity or duality- from a dual frequency to that of the trinity wave, the permanent state of zero point neutrality. Zero point or neutrality denotes a full state of balance- that of oneness, unity, and love; the state of divine union with God and all of creation. The unity consciousness which we are ultimately moving forward into during this ascension cycle.

To paraphrase Steven Stills, “if you can’t be with one you love, love the one you’re with”…and that someone is you! Keep on loving yourself with all the effort and energy you put into loving others,

Unconditionally yours,

K. Miller


Transmission – Finding Peace and Oneness
K. Miller 6/11/2019

For the most part, truth and reality are based on perception and agreement. Our perceptions of right and wrong and our collective societal agreements here on Earth dictate to us what is true or false. It is difficult to discern what is true or false within all the various facades that we individually wear and are present in the structures that surround us. The perception we have of our reality itself is illusory and so too are there many misperceptions we have about who we are and what we are, individually, and as humans- psychologically and physiologically. When we look around us, there are many behaviors we see that are blatant misrepresentations of the truth. False advertising, politician’s campaign ‘promises’, revealed hidden atrocities of history, the fine print of various offers and contracts, and the list goes on. There too, are hidden aspects of ourselves, that need to be seen that often we refuse to see, that others may see in us, or things we have yet to learn about ourselves. Our shadow selves and our unhealed parts of ourselves are what keep us from living the lives we wish to, the way we are meant to experience life. When we aren’t able to know our true self and our purpose, it is difficult to be congruent with what it is we want or need in life and we aren’t capable of expressing ourselves authentically.

When we find ourselves regretting our actions, feeling as if things are not going according to how we think they should be, and life begins to present us with conflict and turbulence we are out of balance and not in alignment with our true nature and purpose. It’s time to take a personal inventory to evaluate what things we are thinking and feeling and if they are in alignment with what is really happening in our lives. Are you living your inner truth, or is the mirror reflection very different from what should be reflecting from within to that outside of you? Is your inner dialogue saying one thing and your words something very different, or in opposition? Are your values in alignment with the choices you are making?

Until we are able to determine what unhealed inner wounds we are carrying that are generating these commotions we are experiencing perceived as outside of ourselves these same patterns will show up around us like a needle skipping on a record player- or for those not familiar with that particular analogy, a looping audio track. It’s up to each one of us to be honest with ourselves and look without guilt judgement or blame at what needs our attention to be healed. This will most definitely take you out of your comfort zone and likely cause things to be removed that are no longer needed in your life that are preventing you from living as your true authentic self. You know you’re on the right track when you’re not really sure who you are anymore. We have to let go of what other people might think of us when we decide to step into our true expression of form. We can no longer live for others but with and in service to others. In service to others does not mean martyrdom or self-sacrifice. It means sharing the gifts of your true authentic self in creativity and abundance.

What skills, talents, and gifts do you have to offer the world? Sometimes we need to dig deep to find ourselves or rediscover ourselves if we have lived a life oppressed and held captive by others- knowingly, or unknowingly. Once we become free of or make the choice to step outside of the structures, people in our lives, or beliefs systems that have been holding us back from our true self, it can be stressful and confusing and disorienting. How do we see ourselves, now that these factors have been removed from our lives? How do we pick up the pieces and move on? What is our present identity without these labels we formerly identified ourselves as? It takes, strength, courage, patience and unconditional love to explore your inner self and gain clarity and determine what your personal values are and to maintain the integrity to be congruent with those values. We are not defined by the way we look, our marital status, sexual preference, career choice, whether or not we have children, how many things we have acquired, or how much money is in our bank account. It’s how we feel about ourselves and about all those things, and what we do with what we’re given that matters. We have these bodies and this energy and the free will to choose what we’re going to do with it, so why not be the best YOU that you can be?!

Learning about who we truly are and choosing to authentically represent ourselves is not an easy road in this world of distortions and illusions that are so often promoted and perpetuated. It’s a process and an ongoing journey to define what parts of ourselves are truly us and what thoughts, aspects, and beliefs do not belong to us or have been conditioned and imposed on us by our family upbringing(or lack thereof), through our relationships, and from those of societal standards. Regardless of these external influences on our lives, it is ultimately our responsibility to make the choices and changes that lead to the path of freedom and to that of our true God self. When we are expressing our authenticity from within, our lives in all ways, will naturally move into alignment, reflecting externally, the positive changes we wish to see in the world around us- that of peace, harmony, and unity.

Always be yourself and stay in the place of Oneness in your heart,


K. Miller

The False Ascension Matrix

Transmission – Correction
K. Miller 5/28/2019

We live in a plane of existence that is illusory. Illusory meaning what we think we are experiencing is vastly different from what we are actually experiencing. Knowing that we are spirit having a physical experience, rather than a physical body having a spiritual experience, we can choose to perceive our surroundings and our experiences within, in a different way . It is imperative for our survival as a species for us to do so. It is difficult for most of us to accept this fact and there are a current minority on this planet who are very well aware of the fact that this place we inhabit is rife with predators that do not have our best interest in mind and quite adversely only have their best interest in mind. Have you seen the movie, “They Live”? It is an excellent, somewhat metaphorical and even humorous at times, depiction of the true state of affairs on our planet. There are many other Sci-Fi horror movies with this theme that attempt to convey the idea that this planet is being controlled by a number of dark forces. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Our perception of existence is dictated by a number of limitations, based on the dimension we currently reside, on this Earth realm. Your perception of existence also depends on your personal energetic makeup and your participation with the energetic principles and existence of creation. There are various energetic fields that comprise a number of variations of dimensional existences which result in the numerous different levels of consciousness experiences we may have as a result. Consciousness is the expression of a lifeform’s existence whether that lifeform resides within a physical body or not. On Earth, the general consensus is that life does not exist unless there is a physical body that it exists as. This could not be further from the truth! There are far more forms of life residing without physical bodies, than with. If we look at the principle of physics and energy we see by definition that energy does not need a physical object to have form and that it is neither created nor destroyed, but rather simply changes it’s structure or form. So, knowing that energy is what composes all matter, this says that we are all energetic beings with various forms of expressing our energetic makeup.

Imagine you are in a building. There are many rooms, hallways, doors, entrances, exits, and in some cases, even gates or security codes to enter these rooms or parts of the buildings. From the room you are in, you can only sense what is in that particular room. You may have the ability to access various hallways and rooms, but some of the doors may be locked. This is similar to the concept of the various forms of energetic makeup or vibration of the spiritual body, in combination with that person’s consciousness and in combination with the energetic makeup, or frequency, of the surrounding energetic field or dimension, as to how you are able or unable to access, experience, or perceive these various energetic fields as realities of existence. So these various dimensions or levels of consciousness represented as parts of the building able to be accessed has to do with many variables. A primary factor in our level of consciousness experience is our mere willingness to perceive of the concept of our existence in another way and the rest lies within our energetic ability to decipher and navigate these dimensional realms. One multi-dimensional experience we can say we’ve all shared as humans, is the place we go when we dream. That is, in fact, the 4th dimension or what is called the astral plane.

The astral plane or 4th dimension is made up of a vast number of distortions in the collective energies of a consortium of controller beings. Although these entities are comprised of various different individual species and groups, they have been labeled with terms such as reptilians, archons, demons, jinns, evil spirits, etc. All are appropriate and relevant to describe the malevolent or non-beneficial energies that have infested not only the 4th dimension, but many other planetary realms of our Earth. Not all controller beings have the intent to harm for malicious purposes. Some are parasitic in nature and feed off of our bodily energies and those of the Earth as a resource for their existence. Some are stuck, lost, or trapped and don’t know of any other ways to exist but to manipulate and feed off of other’s energies. And then there are the majority of the dark force controllers that know exactly what they are doing and intentionally set out to manipulate and harm in order to gain energy from a host, ultimately a number of hosts in order to dominate and control as much energy and cause as much harm as possible. These various service to self beings beings cannot be reasoned with and pose a threat to all life forms in every realm of existence. The parasitism  of these negative forces are what cause the plethora of mental, physical, and spiritual illness of our planet and her multitude of bodily expressions, humans being one of them.

The negative forces residing within these, hidden to most human perception realms, feed off of the parts of ourselves we despise the most. Our worst memories, our fears, our anger, our guilt and shame, our judgmental  attitudes and blame. These heightened or negative states of emotion or harboring of or repression of emotional turmoil or trauma is not only extremely unhealthy but is food for these dark force predators. The energetic vibratory effect of these deep negative polarity emotional states is a beacon that signals a weakness in the energetic signature of the body, which creates a vulnerability. In the same manner as a physical parasite seeks an opportunity to feed off of the body’s imbalances or weaknesses, these energetic parasites count on these opportunities to feed off of our energies. This feeding further depletes our bodies causing a vicious cycle that becomes more difficult to remove ourselves from, the more weakened and parasitized our body becomes.

This information I am sharing is in no way intended to promote fear or is an attempt to sensationalize or trivialize the facts. As stated, again, these are facts, and the fact of the matter is, there is a solution to this problem. We are not helpless. In fact we are quite the opposite, once we are empowered with the tools to elevate our consciousness by gaining the self mastery required to disallow these energetic predators and forces from feeding off of our life energies. In doing so, we are able to also empower others and all of creation to be freed as a result of the cascade effect of our efforts.

Many might disagree and claim that it is human nature to be narcissistic sociopathic predatory warriors, dominators, corruptors, and polluters and that the idea of other entities being responsible for this behavior is actually disempowering to any efforts to repair humanity’s flaws. However you wish to look at it, it is each our responsibility to do the inner work required to repair the state of affairs. One only needs to look around to see that there are some very serious problems that seem too impossibly overwhelming to even attempt to tackle. But this helplessness and overwhelm is based on thinking in terms of limiting belief systems. It is rising above this limited thinking that will create these changes we wish to see in the world. We can change the world and we are indeed doing so with our very thoughts, behaviors, actions, and attitudes. What are willing to try to save this planet? What are you willing to believe or disbelieve to change yourself and your world?

In knowing that our suffering, our vulnerabilities, our traumas, and deep emotional and reactionary states are what is fodder for these predatorial parasites, we would then assume that the course of action would be to assess and alter these mental behaviors and perceive them as weaknesses in our character. Part of this line of thinking would be correct. Our varied emotional states are one of the very things that make us human and to deny them would be denying a part of ourselves. The key is to be diligent with our thoughts and to recognize if these thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors we are expressing or experiencing are coming from a place of loving kindness and compassion towards ourselves, towards others, to the planet, and to all living things. Regardless, we need to be honest with ourselves and to accept that we may not always be thinking of or expressing ourselves in loving ways. When we find ourselves thinking or speaking in less than loving or even harmful ways we must empower ourselves and take the responsibility to recognize and honor these emotional states without judgement and to take the responsibility to resolve these negative ego programs. This is easier said than done and takes a huge level of patience, diligence, and applied training throughout our lifetime. It is up to each one of us to hold ourselves personally accountable for our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Most spiritual teachings completely gloss over this very necessary component of our ascension process- our self responsibility and accountability for our spiritual wholeness and health. There is no such thing as enlightened thinking that will magically wish or intend you into a higher state of consciousness or that will raise your vibration. If you are unhappy or ill it isn’t always as simple as wishing it away. It can be done, but there are an awful lot of things that are in the way for most of us here on Earth to manifesting our path of enlightenment. There are many tools and educational instruction that can assist us on our path that are externally sourced, like crystals, spiritual readings, energetic attunements, classes, etc.; but there is no substitute for the inner work needed to heal our emotional wounds, which we all have as a byproduct of simply existing on this planet.

The idea that someone or something outside of ourselves is going to save us, heal us, or fix the state of affairs on our planet is called the false light matrix. This can also be called false ascension, and is a blatant attempt by controller forces to lull us into complacency and compliance with an agreement to do nothing at all to correct our own behaviors, actions, and attitudes responsible for the multitude of problems we need to resolve- for the sake of our planet and it’s inhabitants survival. We could argue that this planet and her vast number of life forms will continue to exist with or without humans. This can be perceived as truth, but it is humans that are needed to save the planet and the larger scope of influence these dark forces have on the entire existence of Creation. This is precisely why we are here. It is the very nature of our consciousness potential that is key to raising the roof, so to speak, and getting ourselves out of this mess we are in! Our potential as human beings to influence our environment and the state of affairs is extremely underestimated and it is not predominantly caused by our physical influences,  such as our words and actions, but by changing our perception and the way we choose the way we participate or not participate with the various energetic structures and systems in place. We do this by healing ourselves from the inside and recognizing how our emotional states, beliefs, and thoughts influence our surroundings and adjusting them accordingly.

Thank you for making this world a better place by being the best you that you can be!

Replace all your fears with love,

K. Miller