Transmission – Finding Peace and Oneness
K. Miller 6/11/2019

For the most part, truth and reality are based on perception and agreement. Our perceptions of right and wrong and our collective societal agreements here on Earth dictate to us what is true or false. It is difficult to discern what is true or false within all the various facades that we individually wear and are present in the structures that surround us. The perception we have of our reality itself is illusory and so too are there many misperceptions we have about who we are and what we are, individually, and as humans- psychologically and physiologically. When we look around us, there are many behaviors we see that are blatant misrepresentations of the truth. False advertising, politician’s campaign ‘promises’, revealed hidden atrocities of history, the fine print of various offers and contracts, and the list goes on. There too, are hidden aspects of ourselves, that need to be seen that often we refuse to see, that others may see in us, or things we have yet to learn about ourselves. Our shadow selves and our unhealed parts of ourselves are what keep us from living the lives we wish to, the way we are meant to experience life. When we aren’t able to know our true self and our purpose, it is difficult to be congruent with what it is we want or need in life and we aren’t capable of expressing ourselves authentically.

When we find ourselves regretting our actions, feeling as if things are not going according to how we think they should be, and life begins to present us with conflict and turbulence we are out of balance and not in alignment with our true nature and purpose. It’s time to take a personal inventory to evaluate what things we are thinking and feeling and if they are in alignment with what is really happening in our lives. Are you living your inner truth, or is the mirror reflection very different from what should be reflecting from within to that outside of you? Is your inner dialogue saying one thing and your words something very different, or in opposition? Are your values in alignment with the choices you are making?

Until we are able to determine what unhealed inner wounds we are carrying that are generating these commotions we are experiencing perceived as outside of ourselves these same patterns will show up around us like a needle skipping on a record player- or for those not familiar with that particular analogy, a looping audio track. It’s up to each one of us to be honest with ourselves and look without guilt judgement or blame at what needs our attention to be healed. This will most definitely take you out of your comfort zone and likely cause things to be removed that are no longer needed in your life that are preventing you from living as your true authentic self. You know you’re on the right track when you’re not really sure who you are anymore. We have to let go of what other people might think of us when we decide to step into our true expression of form. We can no longer live for others but with and in service to others. In service to others does not mean martyrdom or self-sacrifice. It means sharing the gifts of your true authentic self in creativity and abundance.

What skills, talents, and gifts do you have to offer the world? Sometimes we need to dig deep to find ourselves or rediscover ourselves if we have lived a life oppressed and held captive by others- knowingly, or unknowingly. Once we become free of or make the choice to step outside of the structures, people in our lives, or beliefs systems that have been holding us back from our true self, it can be stressful and confusing and disorienting. How do we see ourselves, now that these factors have been removed from our lives? How do we pick up the pieces and move on? What is our present identity without these labels we formerly identified ourselves as? It takes, strength, courage, patience and unconditional love to explore your inner self and gain clarity and determine what your personal values are and to maintain the integrity to be congruent with those values. We are not defined by the way we look, our marital status, sexual preference, career choice, whether or not we have children, how many things we have acquired, or how much money is in our bank account. It’s how we feel about ourselves and about all those things, and what we do with what we’re given that matters. We have these bodies and this energy and the free will to choose what we’re going to do with it, so why not be the best YOU that you can be?!

Learning about who we truly are and choosing to authentically represent ourselves is not an easy road in this world of distortions and illusions that are so often promoted and perpetuated. It’s a process and an ongoing journey to define what parts of ourselves are truly us and what thoughts, aspects, and beliefs do not belong to us or have been conditioned and imposed on us by our family upbringing(or lack thereof), through our relationships, and from those of societal standards. Regardless of these external influences on our lives, it is ultimately our responsibility to make the choices and changes that lead to the path of freedom and to that of our true God self. When we are expressing our authenticity from within, our lives in all ways, will naturally move into alignment, reflecting externally, the positive changes we wish to see in the world around us- that of peace, harmony, and unity.

Always be yourself and stay in the place of Oneness in your heart,


K. Miller

The False Ascension Matrix

Transmission – Correction
K. Miller 5/28/2019

We live in a plane of existence that is illusory. Illusory meaning what we think we are experiencing is vastly different from what we are actually experiencing. Knowing that we are spirit having a physical experience, rather than a physical body having a spiritual experience, we can choose to perceive our surroundings and our experiences within, in a different way . It is imperative for our survival as a species for us to do so. It is difficult for most of us to accept this fact and there are a current minority on this planet who are very well aware of the fact that this place we inhabit is rife with predators that do not have our best interest in mind and quite adversely only have their best interest in mind. Have you seen the movie, “They Live”? It is an excellent, somewhat metaphorical and even humorous at times, depiction of the true state of affairs on our planet. There are many other Sci-Fi horror movies with this theme that attempt to convey the idea that this planet is being controlled by a number of dark forces. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Our perception of existence is dictated by a number of limitations, based on the dimension we currently reside, on this Earth realm. Your perception of existence also depends on your personal energetic makeup and your participation with the energetic principles and existence of creation. There are various energetic fields that comprise a number of variations of dimensional existences which result in the numerous different levels of consciousness experiences we may have as a result. Consciousness is the expression of a lifeform’s existence whether that lifeform resides within a physical body or not. On Earth, the general consensus is that life does not exist unless there is a physical body that it exists as. This could not be further from the truth! There are far more forms of life residing without physical bodies, than with. If we look at the principle of physics and energy we see by definition that energy does not need a physical object to have form and that it is neither created nor destroyed, but rather simply changes it’s structure or form. So, knowing that energy is what composes all matter, this says that we are all energetic beings with various forms of expressing our energetic makeup.

Imagine you are in a building. There are many rooms, hallways, doors, entrances, exits, and in some cases, even gates or security codes to enter these rooms or parts of the buildings. From the room you are in, you can only sense what is in that particular room. You may have the ability to access various hallways and rooms, but some of the doors may be locked. This is similar to the concept of the various forms of energetic makeup or vibration of the spiritual body, in combination with that person’s consciousness and in combination with the energetic makeup, or frequency, of the surrounding energetic field or dimension, as to how you are able or unable to access, experience, or perceive these various energetic fields as realities of existence. So these various dimensions or levels of consciousness represented as parts of the building able to be accessed has to do with many variables. A primary factor in our level of consciousness experience is our mere willingness to perceive of the concept of our existence in another way and the rest lies within our energetic ability to decipher and navigate these dimensional realms. One multi-dimensional experience we can say we’ve all shared as humans, is the place we go when we dream. That is, in fact, the 4th dimension or what is called the astral plane.

The astral plane or 4th dimension is made up of a vast number of distortions in the collective energies of a consortium of controller beings. Although these entities are comprised of various different individual species and groups, they have been labeled with terms such as reptilians, archons, demons, jinns, evil spirits, etc. All are appropriate and relevant to describe the malevolent or non-beneficial energies that have infested not only the 4th dimension, but many other planetary realms of our Earth. Not all controller beings have the intent to harm for malicious purposes. Some are parasitic in nature and feed off of our bodily energies and those of the Earth as a resource for their existence. Some are stuck, lost, or trapped and don’t know of any other ways to exist but to manipulate and feed off of other’s energies. And then there are the majority of the dark force controllers that know exactly what they are doing and intentionally set out to manipulate and harm in order to gain energy from a host, ultimately a number of hosts in order to dominate and control as much energy and cause as much harm as possible. These various service to self beings beings cannot be reasoned with and pose a threat to all life forms in every realm of existence. The parasitism  of these negative forces are what cause the plethora of mental, physical, and spiritual illness of our planet and her multitude of bodily expressions, humans being one of them.

The negative forces residing within these, hidden to most human perception realms, feed off of the parts of ourselves we despise the most. Our worst memories, our fears, our anger, our guilt and shame, our judgmental  attitudes and blame. These heightened or negative states of emotion or harboring of or repression of emotional turmoil or trauma is not only extremely unhealthy but is food for these dark force predators. The energetic vibratory effect of these deep negative polarity emotional states is a beacon that signals a weakness in the energetic signature of the body, which creates a vulnerability. In the same manner as a physical parasite seeks an opportunity to feed off of the body’s imbalances or weaknesses, these energetic parasites count on these opportunities to feed off of our energies. This feeding further depletes our bodies causing a vicious cycle that becomes more difficult to remove ourselves from, the more weakened and parasitized our body becomes.

This information I am sharing is in no way intended to promote fear or is an attempt to sensationalize or trivialize the facts. As stated, again, these are facts, and the fact of the matter is, there is a solution to this problem. We are not helpless. In fact we are quite the opposite, once we are empowered with the tools to elevate our consciousness by gaining the self mastery required to disallow these energetic predators and forces from feeding off of our life energies. In doing so, we are able to also empower others and all of creation to be freed as a result of the cascade effect of our efforts.

Many might disagree and claim that it is human nature to be narcissistic sociopathic predatory warriors, dominators, corruptors, and polluters and that the idea of other entities being responsible for this behavior is actually disempowering to any efforts to repair humanity’s flaws. However you wish to look at it, it is each our responsibility to do the inner work required to repair the state of affairs. One only needs to look around to see that there are some very serious problems that seem too impossibly overwhelming to even attempt to tackle. But this helplessness and overwhelm is based on thinking in terms of limiting belief systems. It is rising above this limited thinking that will create these changes we wish to see in the world. We can change the world and we are indeed doing so with our very thoughts, behaviors, actions, and attitudes. What are willing to try to save this planet? What are you willing to believe or disbelieve to change yourself and your world?

In knowing that our suffering, our vulnerabilities, our traumas, and deep emotional and reactionary states are what is fodder for these predatorial parasites, we would then assume that the course of action would be to assess and alter these mental behaviors and perceive them as weaknesses in our character. Part of this line of thinking would be correct. Our varied emotional states are one of the very things that make us human and to deny them would be denying a part of ourselves. The key is to be diligent with our thoughts and to recognize if these thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors we are expressing or experiencing are coming from a place of loving kindness and compassion towards ourselves, towards others, to the planet, and to all living things. Regardless, we need to be honest with ourselves and to accept that we may not always be thinking of or expressing ourselves in loving ways. When we find ourselves thinking or speaking in less than loving or even harmful ways we must empower ourselves and take the responsibility to recognize and honor these emotional states without judgement and to take the responsibility to resolve these negative ego programs. This is easier said than done and takes a huge level of patience, diligence, and applied training throughout our lifetime. It is up to each one of us to hold ourselves personally accountable for our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Most spiritual teachings completely gloss over this very necessary component of our ascension process- our self responsibility and accountability for our spiritual wholeness and health. There is no such thing as enlightened thinking that will magically wish or intend you into a higher state of consciousness or that will raise your vibration. If you are unhappy or ill it isn’t always as simple as wishing it away. It can be done, but there are an awful lot of things that are in the way for most of us here on Earth to manifesting our path of enlightenment. There are many tools and educational instruction that can assist us on our path that are externally sourced, like crystals, spiritual readings, energetic attunements, classes, etc.; but there is no substitute for the inner work needed to heal our emotional wounds, which we all have as a byproduct of simply existing on this planet.

The idea that someone or something outside of ourselves is going to save us, heal us, or fix the state of affairs on our planet is called the false light matrix. This can also be called false ascension, and is a blatant attempt by controller forces to lull us into complacency and compliance with an agreement to do nothing at all to correct our own behaviors, actions, and attitudes responsible for the multitude of problems we need to resolve- for the sake of our planet and it’s inhabitants survival. We could argue that this planet and her vast number of life forms will continue to exist with or without humans. This can be perceived as truth, but it is humans that are needed to save the planet and the larger scope of influence these dark forces have on the entire existence of Creation. This is precisely why we are here. It is the very nature of our consciousness potential that is key to raising the roof, so to speak, and getting ourselves out of this mess we are in! Our potential as human beings to influence our environment and the state of affairs is extremely underestimated and it is not predominantly caused by our physical influences,  such as our words and actions, but by changing our perception and the way we choose the way we participate or not participate with the various energetic structures and systems in place. We do this by healing ourselves from the inside and recognizing how our emotional states, beliefs, and thoughts influence our surroundings and adjusting them accordingly.

Thank you for making this world a better place by being the best you that you can be!

Replace all your fears with love,

K. Miller

Multidimensional Living

Transmission – The Necessitation of Time on Earth
K. Miller 6/6/2019

It is truly difficult to grasp the idea of multidimensionality as we inhabit these bodies here on Earth and are limited in this density due to the very fact that it is extremely dense here, compared to most other physically manifested dimensional realms of our Cosmos. These energetic forces that are accelerating on this planet are electromagnetic currents which are the measurement and description of these energies that are responsible for our very life force and our ability to perceive our experiences the way we do on Earth. Everything is energy and we can look at or describe it, in order to attempt to explain conceptually, in terms we can understand(or try to), the various different dimensions, as compartments and spaces of consciousness experience. These dimensions, which can also be described as timelines, all have varying frequency patterns that are accessed with and within our bodies and consciousness ability via our energetic patternings, DNA, the surrounding energies, and the clarity of these energies free from distortions or blockages. All of these variables and more, are what dictate what we can or can’t multidimensionally perceive or experience at our current level of consciousness here on Earth, collectively and individually. That being said, with the ramping up of these electromagnetic forces or our planet and that of the Universe, our consciousness energy is rapidly expanding and allowing us personally to experience life in a way that we have never encountered before.

As we progress forward with our ascension process on planet Earth, we begin to have new experiences that defy our current belief systems and shake the very foundation of all we’ve ever known. Some of us have stepped into new senses outside of the five we’ve been limited to- new perceptions in the way we view ourselves, others, and the world around us through heightened states of awareness, cognition, and emotion beyond the parameters of our former consciousness boundaries. Some of the things we undergo and encounter on our ascension journey are not all wondrous and amazing, but can be and often are extremely painful, confusing, and disorienting and lead us to believe something is really, really wrong with us. We may feel as if we are losing our minds, are experiencing a life threatening illness or disease, or are fighting gravity and/or defying any number of known laws of physics. At this point of our ascension process, we have already discovered the many things inherently wrong with the state of affairs on this planet and we’ve gone down that rabbit hole a few times and have begun to witness these drastic changes in ourselves, even if we didn’t consciously choose to drink the potion in our apron pocket! It isn’t the concept that there is something wrong with us, this awareness says that there is actually something right with us. It is all part of what all of us will be going through, at some point or another during this cycle. As we undergo this transformation, our bodies are being cleared of the obsolete energies, blockages, and restraints placed on us, as we were experiencing prior consciousness limitations. These new shifts in our perception and thinking, some gradual and some shockingly sudden, are the experiencing of our true multidimensional selves and the reality of the vastness of our multidimensional existence.

Some of the ‘symptoms’ of us evolving are a result of us becoming our true multidimensional selves- much like a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely heard of ascension symptoms and this is indeed part of the shedding off of the old systems, beliefs, and energies and our physical bodies are being taxed energetically much like it would be on your organs after consuming an enormous amount of food. The high frequency rates of energy we are experiencing on Earth at this time are unprecedented. So much like the heavy meal creating stress to our body, this analogy can be applied to understand the way our bodies, energetically and physically, are processing this incredibly high energy available to the planet during this ascension cycle. With this transformation of our bodies and the resulting stress, we can experience a number of healing crises symptoms as we assist in the transmutation and purging of these old energies. We might feel like we don’t want to be in our physical bodies anymore because things just seem so thick and dense and difficult, like an intense struggle to just get of bed and go about our daily tasks. We may be suffering a tremendous amount of physical pain in our joints, muscles, or bones. Headaches, digestive issues, flulike symptoms, and a plethora of mysterious illnesses that professionals aren’t able to diagnose that come and go, seemingly out of nowhere, manifesting either in acute or minor symptoms. Our nervous systems are undergoing an extreme makeover in order to be able to absorb and utilize the ramping up of electromagnetic currents flowing into our Mother Gaia’s body.

Just as we may experience mild to severe physical symptoms that are part of the process of us clearing out all that is preventing us from integrating our authentic multidimensional selves, there are also the inevitable and necessary clearings that we undergo with our mental and emotional bodies. Experiencing higher sensory perceptions of the “clairs”: clairvoyance(clear seeing), claircognizance(clear knowing), clairaudience(clear hearing), clairsentience(clear physical or emotional feeling) are all becoming more common, even if these senses are not necessarily being experienced clearly at all. We may begin to see spirit bodies, extraterrestrials, negative entities and be able to verbally or non-verbally communicate with these beings; have telepathic communication with our loved ones or strangers through empathic or audial experiences; have visions or premonitions in dreams or through meditation or awakened states; have intense identified or unidentified empathic states of emotional or physical feelings of our own, those of others, or collectively from group energies or those of the planet; memories of past lives of our own or others, or collective memories of historical planetary or galactic trauma or cataclysm. Depression, anxiety, and a number of other mental illness symptoms may become very prevalent and as debilitating and as real as any physical ascension symptoms.

It is important to note that even though these various symptoms and experiences may be new to you, and as long as they are not manifesting as anything other than spiritual- meaning they are undiagnosed as a permanent physical condition or serious life threatening illness, they are indeed normal to the evolutionary process of humankind; and will eventually pass, as we care for our bodies lovingly, free from fear, and do what is required for us to heal. We must do the inner work to identify our shadow selves and wounded child selves and clear out ego programs and emotional traumas and any other blockages or limitations preventing us from experiencing wholeness and unifying our true multidimensional selves. All illness is energy, and can be healed energetically, but some of us may require professional medical care and treatments to assist our bodies, even if it means pharmaceuticals to help get us where we need to be in our healing process.

One of the things I now experience most on a daily basis and accept it as ‘it is what it is’, is the experience of physical time and space skipping or slipping or changing constantly. One of the very first significant messages of wisdom my Starseed guidance shared with me, was that there is one thing that you can always be certain of, and that is change. I knew I had heard this somewhere and was amused by this and at that time did not have a clue how true this statement would be for me! Funny, I actually learned during the process of writing this particular blog and wanted to give credit where credit was due, was that the original documentation of this concept of “Life is Flux”, was authored by Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus(c.535 – c. 475 BCE). It’s worth your while to look into his writings!

Not only will your lifestyle and structure be forced to change with these higher frequencies in order to keep up with the pace, also will the minor day to day experiences of your cognitive and mental functions and perceptions fluctuate. You might find out your spouse has been cheating on you. You might get fired from your job or if you are an entrepreneur, learn that you’ll need to make some changes in the way you’ve been doing business because you aren’t making ends meet with the way you have always done things. Any number of life altering events are bound to happen at this time, in order to place you on the path you need to be, to learn important karmic lessons, and to make the necessary changes within yourself in order to evolve. Even though it may feel as if the rug has been ripped out from under you and your world has been turned upside down, know you’ll get through it and you are always supported, no matter what it feels like. If these intense changes aren’t enough to make you feel as if you are seriously losing it or send you over the edge, the small daily occurrences of multidimensionality evidencing can be very disconcerting if you are viewing them outside the context and understanding of the ascension process. Temporary fleeting confusion of short term memory lapses, not being able to use or choose the words to verbalize thoughts into sentences, feeling uncertain of what is really going on or who you actually are, looking at the clock and seeing that you’ve been reading or napping for 5 hours when it felt like a half an hour or so, and that moment where the jar of almond butter that was not in the fridge- subsequently appears right before your eyes as you look again in the refrigerator a half an hour later…and swear that was not there before(true story), are just a few examples. These and so many other little odd goings on, are all actually normal experiences of multidimensional reality! As long as any of these states are not lingering and hindering your ability to function and support yourself in healthy ways, you are ok and are only going to get better, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. If you do not feel able to move past any psychological, physical, or emotional states, by all means, seek out professional medical, psychological care, or counseling.

As we speak of our multidimensional selves and our quest of ascension, the ultimate goal is to bring ourselves back to unity and oneness. Although we are individuals, none of us are actually separate beings, but are truly everything and everywhere all at once. We are multidimensional beings perceiving a very limited experience which is ever expanding, and with these expanding energies, we are that much more able than ever to read the energies of each other and our planet and that of our universe, and to experience a greater capacity to feel and connect and to receive these abilities and gifts of extrasensory perception that are our divine birthright. Through this process of discovering the true nature of our multidimensionality, it’s important to treat ourselves with forgiveness and patience, lovingly and without judgement, as we go through these incredible changes in our physiological and energetic bodies. Although we’ve temporarily lost our way, we are finding it again through ourselves and each other, through our empathy and compassion and ever expanding consciousness and connection with God and Oneness.

I love you. Thank you for all you are and all you do,

K. Miller

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Controller Forces

Transmission – Clearing of Self and Planet
K. Miller 6/6/2019

It is imperative that we become aware of and understand that there are groups of individuals on this Earth that lack consciousness and the ability to feel empathy and compassion for humanity. Further, they have agendas to harm and dominate all life on this planet in order to sustain themselves. This may be something you are already aware of, or if you are unaware of this fact, it may sound like fear mongering and complete nonsense made up for the sake of sensationalism or to gain personal attention. As I learned of these things, I wished they weren’t true, but over time, I began to see the correlations. I often wondered and stated aloud, “Who would gain by polluting the air they breathe, the water they drink, and the food they eat? I read the bumper stickers that said, “No Jobs On A Dead Planet” and “People Over Profit”. I wondered what legacy these CEOs are leaving for their children and how they can sleep at night. What do they eat and drink? In the future, where are these people going to find food that isn’t tainted when they’ve destroyed everything? The only conclusion that made sense is that they were either not from here(i.e., not people) and wanted to harm us for whatever reason or they needed a place to live and could only thrive on toxins that they so liberally spread throughout the planet, and had complete disregard for all other life forms in the process. It became clear to me in connecting the dots, long before I received confirmation with my own eyes and ears and the guidance of my higher self and Starseed families, that indeed, humans were not the ones committing these atrocities and violations to the planet and her inhabitants.

According to psychological research statistical records, psychopaths make up 1%, and sociopaths make up 4% of the global population. By definition a psychopath is a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. A sociopath is someone with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience. Now let’s look at the very small percentage of those that are dominating resources, destroying the environment, are in positions of power, and financially back, begin, and advocate wars. Interestingly enough, according to statistics the concentration of wealth lies in the hands of 1% of the world population. The amount of money we’re speaking of isn’t that of wealthy populations of society, we’re speaking of net worth and ownership and those who could not possibly ever use all the money they have acquired in several lifetimes and there is a vast imbalance of what is being shared in contrast with what is being hoarded or obtained for self serving means.

So let’s go back and look at some of these behaviors we observe that are very inhumane or antihuman that are demonstrated by these groups in power and compare them with those of sociopathic and psychopathic traits. According to Psychology Today, the seven most common traits of a sociopath are: 1. Lying and manipulation, 2. Lack of morality and rule breaking, 3. Lack of empathy and cold heartedness, 4. Narcissism and false superiority complex, 5. Gaslighting and psychological bullying, 6. Lack of contrition(remorse) and self serving victimhood, 7. Situational psychopathy or sociopathy which is the behavior of seeing or categorizing some as worthy and others as unworthy of respect or humane treatment. The behaviors of the sociopath and psychopath differ slightly in that a psychopath doesn’t just exhibit antisocial dysfunctional behaviors but in addition, seeks out to harm in a very disassociated and calculated manner. I want to make it clear that I am in no way judging or indicating that mental illness is the cause of these wrongs being perpetrated en masse on the planet. But on the contrary, these behaviors have been instilled in the masses by these few inhumane and very inhuman controller entities.

These insidious parasites have infiltrated and orchestrated the very foundations of the functioning of our societal and cultural belief systems and are responsible for the various forms of patriarchal domination, abuses, greed, and violence seen on our planet. These controller groups consist of the military industrial complex; within various public governmental offices and compartmentalized alphabet agencies and facets of shadow governments and organizations; Hollywood and entertainment businesses; the media and press; petrochemical, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries; and within various agencies and organizations of religion, academia, medical associations, and financial institutions. We can clearly see the commonality of the majority of these systems and organizations is greed and corruption. All need an audience, consumers, or bodies in order to support their wealth and power supply and demand. Your money, your illness, your fear, your faith, your hunger, your interest, your need, your energy- all of this is necessary for their survival. I am not saying that all people involved in all of these departments, businesses, and organizations are corrupt or need to quit their jobs or boycott or protest. I am stating that the foundation of the ownership and agenda of these agencies and those appointed in positions of control, authority, and power- are at fault with their unsustainable, parasitic and vampiric systems, actions, and behaviors of inequity and abuse. These systems not only take more than they give, but generate enormous physical and energetic harm and devastation to the planet and her inhabitants.

Now that we know more about the behaviors and characteristics of these antihuman individuals and groups and their structures of and positions of power and influence, who or what are they, how did they get here, and how are they able to influence us? These controller archetypes are made up of a consortium of various different types of beings from a multitude of different dimensional realms. They have had the ability to infiltrate the Earth realms to infect and feed for eons without being detected because of the nature of the density of this Earth realm and because of human’s inability to experience multidimensionality for such a long period of time. Some of these entities existed as forms of a multitude of diversified species of bodies long ago and arrived via physical vehicles and others that have existed solely as energetic forms arrived through various other means of multidimensional travel. These numerous entities go by names you’ve probably heard from historic legends or from various religious or spiritual groups- demons, jinns, archons, reptilians, evil spirits, dark forces, etc. All are appropriate names for what they are. There isn’t necessarily a differentiation needed in label, although there are a multitude of different types of these energetic vampires and parasites with somewhat different reasons for and ways of controlling their host.

Some inhabit human bodies as hitch hikers or attachments, others have the ability to hijack a human body in order to function in various Earth dimensions. There are those that operate as consciousness or energetic controllers and siphoners without a need to operate a physical body in order to manipulate and dictate to the person, particular behaviors or actions, in order to get what they need from them. These various life forms are not all organic in nature, nor do they all share the same type of sentience or consciousness(or lack of) that drives their motivation to dominate or feed off of human life forms. There are some that intentionally harm with the purpose to control and manipulate with the agenda of global domination and ownership as one would attempt to own property. There are others that feed off of Earth body energies in the same way a flea, tick, or mosquito feeds parasitically off of physical bodies. Yet, these particular parasites feed off of various energetic systems of the body such as organs and chakras and the electromagnetic energy the body emits, and there are those that feed off of particular low vibrational energies emitted by the auric field of heightened emotional states of negativity from their host. The primary motivation of these controller forces is to feed off of and in some cases purposefully weaken the host to gain more control and domination over the body and consciousness of the person, which is the very reason illness exists on our planet. This illness is not only exhibited in our physiological bodies, but also with our psychological states as well.

Some with psychic abilities and heightened sensory perception are able to sense these beings, either with open or closed eyes, or during meditative states; by feeling them; or having the experience that they are being watched or stalked by a force that is not human. These entities are extremely manipulative and can present themselves as something pleasant in order to gain control over their victim, especially those that have the potential ability to identify what they are. Because of our planet becoming less and less dense with the ascension energies, more and more people are becoming able to sense these entities and it is essential that we educate ourselves about these predator forces so that we can protect ourselves mentally, energetically, and physically. It is vital for us to learn psychic self-defense and ego clearing techniques, and begin training or remain disciplined in our emotional and energetic self-mastery skills. There are very many energetic healers and spiritual counselors and professionals who are in denial of, or are oblivious to these energies that are ever present or those that are unaware of their own energetic body health and how to maintain spiritual housekeeping. It doesn’t take any special abilities or certification to protect yourself, your loved ones, or those you may be working with energetically. It does require your awareness that these entities and energies exist, along with your intention and your diligence to make the required improvements or continued maintenance of your energetic body and the space you occupy.

Declaring your sovereignty is the first step to preventing these predators from gaining control, the next is taking full responsibility for your life through your thoughts, behaviors, and actions. With practice of self-awareness, you’ll gain clarity and discernment. Even if you don’t have the abilities to sense these controller forces, being in full control of every aspect of yourself at all times is key. The bottom line is, you needn’t be food or fodder for these entities and we are definitely not victims. Just like you wear a coat when it’s cold or put on sunscreen or wear a hat when you’re outdoors for a long time in the sunshine, or apply insect repellent when there are lots of mosquitoes buzzing; it’s just common sense to do what is necessary to protect the health of our spiritual bodies in the same way. The means of protecting ourselves from these controller predator forces is by becoming the best selves we can be, what we are designed to be, who we truly are. Self-mastery is an ongoing process and we will always need to continue to maintain diligence over our thoughts, behaviors, and actions as long as we are on this planet. Work on healing your shadow self and past harms and traumas, clear away any fears, apply forgiveness, and replace all with love. Walk in gratitude and alignment with God and Oneness and practice daily routines of upholding your emotional and energetic health. Keep building your inner strength and peace, and creatively and fearlessly use the tools necessary to keep these pests at bay.

Always let your heart be your guide and spread love wherever you are,

K. Miller

Breaking Down Systems

Transmission – Accelerated Growth
K. Miller 6/4/2019

There are many entrapments on Earth which keep us complacent, complicit, and stuck and place blinders on us that prevent us from seeing all of the things that are wrong with the bigger picture and with the systems in place in our day to day functioning, or lack thereof. The systems in the organization of our financial systems, healthcare, schools, workplaces, and governments are just some of the ways we can clearly see the serious shortcomings, if not utter failings of functioning. If we look at their intended purposes and observe the results of these various services that are actually being provided, we ask ourselves, “Who or what is really benefitting from these various offices, programs, organizations, and institutions?”

As we look outside of ourselves and see these failing systems, do we choose to continue to support these systems, or is it in our best interest to make attempts to move beyond these structures that do not support us and the greater good of all concerned? The bottom line is the necessity to see the importance of our personal and global value systems and the energy we place to systems that do or do not support the health and wellbeing of ourselves and the planet as a whole. If we continue to consent to, by participating energetically with these dysfunctional and harmful systems and attempt to maintain the status quo, we will personally continue to have the same repetitive inner and outer unresolved conflicts.

Our inner world reflects our outer world and we must be responsible for where we place our energies. Are we supporting systems that harm the environment and our personal our health? It’s very difficult not to these days. With organic foods that come in non-recyclable packaging, with the majority of vehicles and other machines we rely on running on petrochemicals, with energy efficient light bulbs containing mercury, and even machines that run efficiently without combustion on batteries containing a number of toxic chemicals it becomes exceedingly difficult to maintain a ecologically supportive lifestyle. It can cause us frustration and overwhelm and feelings of guilt for not being able to do enough to protect our planet. And we look around and say, “How am I supposed to live sustainably without giving up all harmful material possessions and living off grid out in the woods somewhere?!” But how are we going to make a difference, if we’re not here with everyone else doing the best we can for one another? We can only forgive ourselves lovingly and simply do the best we can with what we’ve got. Most of us still need bank accounts and cars and, unfortunately, to continue to support many of these various structures, networks, and systems that benefit us in some ways, yet amass fortunes for the few running them at the expense of the rest of us.

Living as Americans, we are privileged to have access to public school but in some areas and for some individuals, for a number of reasons the education system fails, not only for the students, but for teachers and administrators as well. Many are finding that their children are not thriving and in some cases are harmed by the lack of personalized care and nurturing in the structure of public schools. Some adults are grateful to have had the opportunity of public schooling as a way for them to escape the abuse endured in their homes, to make friends, or to have a hot meal provided, not to mention a chance at improving their knowledge and skills that carried them into adulthood. Although it’s not always a possibility to have the choice to homeschool, un-school, or place your child into a private school for financial reasons or because you don’t feel qualified, it may be worth looking into to seek out the best solution that supports both you and your child’s learning in healthy ways. Again, if it’s not possible, do the best you can to be present and responsible for your child’s education and participate with their school as much as you can to look out for the safety and wellbeing of your child, because this is where they will spend the majority of their childhood.

As most American kids spend the majority of their childhood in school, adults spend most of their lives at their workplace. Whether we work from home or away, our jobs and careers equal our livelihood and how we bring home the bacon…or our veggie burgers. Do these hours that you put into your day equal blood, sweat, and tears? Is it all pain and no gain? The time we spend at work shouldn’t feel like suffering and grueling and waiting for clockout time. The majority of your work day should be pleasant and if it’s not, that needs to be taken into serious consideration. Sure, there are going to be some tasks we really dislike, but that’s true for things we’ve got to do at home too. It might not necessarily be the job, it may be the way you feel about your job or it’s a transition until you find your dream job. Make sure you aren’t staying in a low paying abusive job for this reason. You might not need to be stuck working for ‘the man'(or woman). If there is a dream or passion you’ve always wanted to fulfill, don’t wait! You might make a great entrepreneur, if that’s your thing. Your happiness and energy is important and nobody should be a paid slave.

It’s clear that where and how we place our energy has a direct impact on our health and wellbeing. That being said, if you still choose to watch TV(and no judgement here!), you’ll notice an incredibly high number of pharmaceutical commercials. Everyone looks incredibly blissed out living this perfect lifestyle, yet at the end you hear this laundry list of horrific side effects that sound much worse that the actual illness. It is imperative that we take our healthcare back into our own hands, even if we are forced to pay for healthcare or it’s covered by an employer or other group. We do not need to obligate ourselves and buy into the archaic structure of “modern” medical practices. Honestly, if you take care of your body by eating healthy whole mostly organic foods, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, drink clean mineralized water, exercise adequately, and use nontoxic body care and household products; most minor ailments can be treated without a physician’s care. We’ve been conditioned to believe that we need to run to the doctor at the slightest symptom and buy something to treat that symptom. If you are putting chemicals into your body to mask symptoms, you are merely exacerbating the problem and further burdening your organs with toxins. If rest, time, a specialized diet, and additional hydration and TLC don’t provide relief and healing; homeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements are much better choices for you and your family. Use your best judgement in all situations, and by all means don’t forgo medical care in an emergency or if other treatments are not seeming to be supportive to your health and wellness.

Ok, yep, I’m really going to go there…ugh…politics. I personally still struggle with this because the very idea of politics, especially in America, denotes our freedoms, our liberties, our rights as human beings. The idea that so many groups of Americans were not even given the right to vote until very recently or were even considered humans with rights, until very recently in our country, is mind boggling! It seems very irresponsible to not participate in the political system and exercise our citizen’s right to vote. Voting for issues we are passionate about and that stand for what we believe in is the only opportunity we have to uphold our God given rights and freedoms, right?! But that’s just it, the governmental structures of the world, in general, do not grant us our rights and freedoms. These rules and regulations and meting out of justice are manmade law, not those given by God. We are sovereign and free beings regardless of human laws. This is not to say we should be living without any social structures that prevent our safety, rights, and freedoms or that we should be living in chaos and anarchy. But if we study how our government works and how it was founded, we see the many flaws inherent by design in the system itself. So, whether you choose to vote or not, the key is to excuse yourself from participating in the media circus frenzy or by fervently choosing sides and feeding the political system with judgement, anger and bitterness, fear, or feelings of despair. Instead conserve your energy and try merely being an observer. You’ll be surprised at what you discover!

Another topic that causes a lot of controversy equal to politics in the public arena, is religion. Now, it is important to clarify religion from that of spirituality. Religion is a set of rules and belief systems made on Earth, by people that tell us how we should or should not perceive or worship God, or the worship of different forms made to represent God, or any number of forms designed to place our energy through worship. These various forms of religion often generally are, or can be irrelevant to Universal Law and Truth and in support of God and Oneness. Is our adoration and reverence in alignment with love and compassion and caring for all of mankind and all living things or is our focus on a book, statue, or symbol that speaks of or represents suffering and bloodshed? As with that of politics, we also see religion has repeatedly been used energetically to support war and conflict worldwide. Certainly, anything supporting the love of God and that of all of creation does not condone or advocate judgement, bloodshed, or harm in any way, shape, or form. Spirituality is very individualized and personal and needs no rules, dogma, arguments, initiation, or indoctrination. Spirituality and our relationship with God is personal and needs no words or labels, or even faith to be experienced. It just is, whether you believe or not. It just is.

The more we become aware of energetically draining or vampiric and parasitic structures, systems, and networks or those that do not serve our personal needs, we can choose to continue to participate with and place our energies elsewhere or resign from and remove ourselves from the consent of these systems and institutions that harm us or do not serve our highest purpose and the greatest good of all concerned. Whatever quality of energy we choose to create and participate with, knowingly or unknowingly, has an impact and effect on everything else in the world. Yes, you are that powerful! So always be diligent and clear where you place your focus and what energies you are participating with. Simply ask for forgiveness, acknowledge, honor, and let go of any negative feelings and attitudes associated with any of these energetic systems you do not wish to be a part of, but have no choice in the matter, then ask to be in alignment to that of your highest purpose and true God self. Declare your resignation from any energetic involvement that may be binding you to this system in a harmful way and choose a stance of neutrality when you find yourself in a stressful situation or your attitude toward, or the energy of that particular system just doesn’t feel right for you. Know that you are always safe and supported no matter what and continue to consciously choose the energies, systems, and situation that are congruent and in alignment to your soul’s purpose and path here on Earth and with that of All of Creation.

Please take whatever you need from this post and disregard the rest…and read my ABOUT page!

Peace and love to you and congratulations on your journey back to Oneness!

K. Miller