Random Love Letter

For you:

Even though we have never met, I want to share some love with you today.

You make the world a better place just by being you.

Thank you for your gifts to the world.

Always remember, you are loved.

I love you.

~K. Miller

Addressing Our Fears

If we are looking for a place of focus to begin our path to healing or get to the root of a personal issue of vulnerability, we can choose to clear the causes and root sources of fear from our lives. Fear can live in our memories, in our day to day interactions, and through particular confrontations and triggers. Fears are often deeply embedded and hidden within our psyche, making them difficult to identify. Negative ego programs or our lower mental functioning, tell us that we need fear in order to survive or to keep us safe, but this is quite the opposite. The ego is not our true self and feeds us ideas of separation, judgmental attitudes, and dictates our activities with base uncontrolled emotional states and beliefs. When we are in these various states of unawareness, we are not in control of ourselves and allow these mental programs and external influences to take the wheel and run our lives.

Fears may be commonly and collectively shared, such as the fear of insects, rodents, and snakes and other predators or pests we share this planet with. Fear presents itself as perceived threats of survival- the idea that someone is threating our safety, our home, our material possessions, our loved ones, or our life. Fears can be completely illogical and manifest as phobias that may stem from a number of sources- including nightmares, childhood traumas, and collective subconscious programs. The most common fears stem from how we perceive and feel about ourselves- our self image, identity, and abilities; our learned beliefs; and our misunderstandings about the true nature of our spiritual energetic selves and our relationship to the greater whole.

When attempting to identify a fear or when confronted with a fearful thought or situation, apply logic and reason to the fear. Once you have identified the fear, acknowledge and accept it. Scientifically examine the fear and ask yourself these questions: Is this fear logical? Does this fear make sense? What it so important about this fear? What is this fear telling me about myself? Explore the fear without judgement. Be objective and attempt to understand the fear and try to determine where the fear is sourcing from. Does this fear hold any merit? How is this fear controlling you? Imagine what your life would be like if you were free of it. Be creative and imagine various ways you could go about freeing yourself from this particular fear. Resolve to set a goal to take action and steps towards eliminating the fear. It may require the help of a professional if you are experiencing a phobia that doesn’t seem to have any logical or identifiable source and it is debilitating and is too frightening to even think about resolving it on your own.

Generally our fears have to do with our sense of safety. When we feel unsafe, uncertain, or our wellbeing is threatened, we automatically play out fear. Fear of harm either physical or mental. We take measures to protect ourselves from these perceived or very real threats. Not only do we have mental ego processes that kick in during these confrontations, but there are also biological processes that take place that influence our behavioral reactions to these stressors. This is called fight or flight reaction. When experiencing extreme fear and trauma, adrenaline begins to pump through our bodies causing us to either freeze up and become immobile or pass out, flee the situation, become violent or fight either verbally or physically. These reactions prevent us from having the ability to think clearly and respond appropriately or in some cases prevent us from our personal safety. Although these biological reactions may be appropriate responses when our reasoning fails us, for example in order to help us deter a wild animal predator, they are not helpful to keep us safe in any situation where our wisdom, self awareness, and self control is required.

Anger may mask and play out as fear, especially when we are not in touch with our emotions and are not willing to or have not learned how to identify or examine the relationship between our emotional states and our behaviors. Much like the animal confronted in the wild or an injured pet snarling and baring it’s teeth, it’s actually their fear, not aggression that you are seeing. It’s a defense mechanism, the fight part of the fight or flight physiological response to the fearful confrontation. Often when we react angrily in a situation it is our ego acting out in fear in order to give us this false sense of safety, to protect ourselves from harm. Lashing out in an ego defense mechanism only causes more harm. When you find yourself in this situation, it is important to determine what you are afraid of and what the ego is trying so hard to hide or protect.

If left unchecked, the mind is a dangerous playground. If we are not in control of our mental and emotional states, we are placing our focus on non beneficial and generally harmful thoughts and our energies are expended on what is not in our best interest. I call these looping thought patterns of fear, the whatifs based on the Shel Silverstein poem called, “Whatif”.  Whatifs are questions we ask ourselves that are the egos way of trying to prepare us for a challenge. If we are not clear with our thoughts and mental states this can run amok and backfire on us and turn into panic, anxiety, and paranoia. If we are placing all our thoughts and energies on what could possibly go wrong, we aren’t leaving any room for focusing on everything that can or could go right. A simple way to defuse this is to make lists and get what’s going on in your head in front of you so you can see what thoughts are playing in your mind. Another method is to address the fearful thought or emotion as if it were a person. Treat it respectfully, calmly, and objectively. Tell the thought, “no thank you” and refuse it access. Just as you’d set boundaries and assert yourself lovingly towards someone that is harming you with their behavior or attitude or pushing something on you that you do not want, tell the recurring fear thought, “no”. For example, a dialogue with this technique might go something like this: “I can see why you might think that, but it simply is not true. I am going to have to ask you to leave. You are not in charge here. I am in charge and I need you to sit down and hush. I understand what you’re trying to do, but it’s just not working for me. Thanks. I love you. Bye!”

Another technique I have used is an acronym to help remember the steps. It’s similar to the HALT method of self care awareness that helps you check in with your personal needs. When you feel yourself emotionally spiraling out of control, stop and ask yourself, “am I…Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired?” This is a quick check in to address the initial issues of your physical and emotional needs. When we are physically run down it’s much easier to fall into negative polarity states and succumb to what our uncontrolled thoughts are dictating. The acronym for this particular method I’ve come up with to help deal with confusing thoughts and emotional states is ODARN. Observe, Discern, Accept, Release, (apply)Neutrality. Similar to the scientific method of identifying a big interfering lifetime fear and addressing it, the ODARN method is for those small daily annoying harmful thought forms that act as pests and prevent us from thinking clearly, calmly, and truthfully from our heart space. The method doesn’t need to follow the order of steps in the acronym name, but whatever order works best in the situation. Although observation is generally the first step of checking in with our thoughts and feelings, neutrality may need to be applied first, to the situation or thought, in order to diffuse the intense emotions. Discern the what, where, and why of this thought or feeling. What am I feeling? Where is this thought or feeling coming from? Why am I thinking this or feeling this way? Accept that you have allowed yourself to experience a particular feeling you didn’t want to feel or any harmful thoughts, words, or actions that upset you. Forgive yourself, any others responsible, or the situation itself and then release it. Release anything you are still feeling that is leftover from that emotional state or event that took place.

Fear is used as a controller tactic and to hook people into addictive states of focus to sell TV air time and promote political agendas and strategies of domination and division. I am going to drop yet another acronym: FEAR- False, Evidence, Appearing, Real. This is the distraction technique of look here and pay no attention to the concerns and scenarios we should actually be made aware of and placing our energies towards solving. Fear is extremely disruptive and destructive and this is precisely why it is used to manipulate the opinions and belief systems of groups of people to suit the agendas of various controller groups. It’s extremely important for us to remain discerning and diligent of these tactics used by individuals and small and large groups that seek to oppress and dominate by preying on our existing fears and contriving methods of instilling fear in us.

When we are lacking in an emotional identification system and context of our emotional behaviors or emotional IQ, when we are not mindful of our inner dialogue and thought processes, when we have unhealed trauma and unidentified ego defense mechanisms, when we have low self worth and other false belief systems, we are inevitably going to have fear calling the shots in our lives. Overcoming fear is not an easy road. It takes deep and intense soul work. If we choose to take steps toward our freedom and sovereignty, then we must pursue this path to freedom by clearing our fears. We no longer need to be dominated and controlled by fear. We can resolve to get out of our own way and liberate ourselves from the frequency of fear that keeps us stuck in these cycles of mental bondage. Through our self discovery and mastery we can use the tools and techniques to help heal us and apply the wisdom of our inner knowingness and unconditional love in order to feel safe, to trust again, and to let go of our fears.

Do your best to replace all your fears with love,

Trust in life’s process,

K. Miller

Controller Tactics

Transmission – Replacing False With Organic
K. Miller 6/19/2019

Whether we choose to believe it or not, this world is full of hidden controlling predators that we must be made aware of in order to protect ourselves. To prevent ourselves from succumbing to these traps of enslavement, we must educate ourselves about the various behaviors and tactics that are used to manipulate and dominate humans. Some of these strategies are obvious and easy to identify and observe, yet others are subtle, although just as insidious and prevalent. Some of these controller forces inhabit bodies and others are energetic in nature. Although many people with higher sensory perception are able to sense them, they are very skilled at deception and as most predators, they hide very well. As we become aware of these various parasitic and predatorial individuals and groups, it is important that we not do so from a place of fear. Just as we would take precautions knowing there are bears in the woods or that we may need to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays, there is no negative judgement necessary towards the bears or the sun, nor should we fear either. Once we become educated and build our discernment skills towards detecting their modus operandi, we are better equipped to protect ourselves physically and energetically from these controller forces.

As we begin to learn of the various agendas of these controllers forces and how they are executed we see very many predictable patterns in their behaviors and systems and their influence on humans and all life on Earth. Patriarchal systems of power, domination, and control are seen in our governmental structures, the military, religious groups, banking, and in agricultural, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical companies. Follow the trail that leads to where the most wealth is distributed and you’ll see a correlation. These power systems and structures are no coincidence and if examined, these various systems, structures, businesses, and organizations have overarching tentacles that share the spoils of their gains. For these groups of individuals, the greed and lust for power and control is insatiable, no matter how much is obtained. For these entities, humans and their energy is a commodity, a resource and their tactics to obtain what they desire are easy to ascertain, once made conscientious of. Individuals acting independently or within these groups have the same identifiable basic characteristics with a specific agenda termed, service to self or STS. They are not concerned with the well being of others or any other life forms on this Earth. Abusiveness, narcissism, emotional manipulation, division, competition, and deceit are common shared traits of STS controllers.

All controllers are abusive, yet this tactic of extremely abusive behavior in order to control and dominate, is classified as the controller abuser. This abuse can be played out through behaviors directed toward a particular individual or group, it can be subtle and covert manipulation, and it can be emotional and verbal abuse without laying a hand on the person they intend to harm and dominate. Although sexual abuse is as common as physical abuse, physical abuse is more openly discussed. it’s important to understand that abuse makes abusers and this is also true with all forms of learned controlling behaviors. There are signs to look out for with physical abusers and sexual abusers.

Physical abusers always exhibit uncontrolled anger. Along with the aggression and channeled anger, you can detect arrogance, agitation, and body language of dissatisfaction, even if no words are used. Menacing sarcasm, nasty glares, and feeling constantly monitored and isolated by this person are early warning signs telling you to remove yourself from this person’s vicinity. Threats, blame, humiliation meant to instill fear, self doubt, and play on your feelings of low self esteem are all very typical behaviors of controller abusers. The abuser may try to apologize for their behavior repeatedly and try to win your approval and affection back by making empty promises. Even if you may feel there is a lot at stake in removing yourself from this person’s life, or you feel sorry for them because of any abuses done to them, break off any relationship of any kind with these toxic and unsafe people and keep them at a distance. This is not to say you should not make attempts to help them and lack compassion for them, but this can be done lovingly within the boundaries of your personal safety.

Sexual abusers often exhibit the same identifiable behaviors and characteristics as physical abusers but may also be very calm and quiet types or even be initially very charming and have a lure that plays on the ego. Grandiose displays of generosity in order to buy your affection or inappropriate comments, touching, or propositions are all warning signs. It needs to be understood that sexual predators are almost always someone you know and trust- a family member, a family friend, friend of a friend or spouse, neighbor, or well known trusted upstanding community member. Sexual predators know what they are doing is wrong because they make sure to threaten the victim with harm if they ever tell. Just as with physical abusers, sexual predators have been taught to sexually harm, because they were sexually abused themselves. We can’t live our lives in suspicion and feeling unsafe, but we can do our best to protect ourselves and our loved ones from sexual predators. We need to establish clear and open communication with our loved ones and educate them about sexual predators, we must listen to their stories and believe them, and take precautions to not put them in unsupervised situations of harm with anyone until we are certain that this person can be trusted. As consenting adults it is important to apply boundaries and take responsibility to make sure we aren’t getting ourselves into unsafe situations or allowing behaviors of sexual harassment and inappropriate sexual advances in social settings and in our places of employment.

There are many deceiving controller types that exhibit seemingly normal behavior and are very good at mimicking appropriate social skills and emotional behavior, but when discovered and called out on their actions, their true colors are quickly revealed. When their tactics are refused, things get ugly rapidly and they are quick to try to manipulate their way back into things being in their favor. These types are termed imposters because they present themselves as one thing, but their true form is not that at all. It is very difficult to identify these types but we must be cleared of our negative egos and have a strong sense of self worth to spot this type of behavior and not fall for it. These types often show up as romantic and friendship relationships, coworkers and bosses, and even as family members. We must pay close attention to any behaviors of others that are not in alignment with our values and stay assertive and set our boundaries in order to prevent ourselves from becoming prey to these types of vampiric manipulators, or imposters.

Now that we’ve established individual controller abuser type behaviors, let’s look at group behavior tactics of control. There are several methods specifically used as strategies in order to control groups that are generally applied subconsciously by egomaniacal individuals, but when used by various controller organizations, these tactics are extremely methodical and calculated. Instilling fear, divide and conquer techniques, spreading propaganda and disinformation, problem-creation-solution models, and the necessity for an enemy to take down, acquisition of resources, domination of the market, to be the best, or win through conquest, competitiveness, and warring are behaviors we can read about in our history books that have played out repeatedly and if we watch any news report or read the paper, the news spoon feeds these agenda tactics to the public.

Instilling fear is the number one group controller tactic. Fear mongering through what I call fear porn, entices so many with more than just morbid curiosity. It is an addiction for people to be lured into feeling a certain way about current events in the media. There is also additional peer pressure to keep up with the latest tragedy so it can be discussed in social settings. One may feel guilty and shamed due to others insinuating a lack of compassion or being out of touch for choosing not to participate in media events and gossip. These additional emotional dramas are just another desired effect of controller tactics. Generally the first story on the local news is who was murdered, raped, assaulted, or injured or killed in a car accident. These constant media stories pumped out by the government controlled media lead us to believe we should fear for our security and safety. Fearful and divisive tactics are easy to spot once you have learned to recognize these controller agenda patterns. Fear is a very destructive force and we must not succumb to it and allow it to consume us. Fear creates doubt and hinders our ability to think rationally and make wise clear decisions. Fear weakens us, lowers our energetic vibration, and causes vulnerability to illness. It is our wisdom that keeps us safe and strong, not our worry, concern, and fear.

Conditioning is learned behavior that controls through repeated reinforcement of specific concepts packaged in a variety of methods to manipulate and mold the human mind through instilling beliefs, ideologies, and societal behaviors. Conditioning of the masses or military employed PSYOPs can be done by the placement of products, toys, video games, movies, and TV with specific themes that fit the agenda desired to control society from childhood through adulthood. This is done not only through subtle psychological suggestion and themes repeated through a variety of sources but also through the use of propaganda and disinformation. Information is either distorted, presented in half truths, or completely fabricated or falsified in order to promote specific agendas to influence society. Persuasive language is used in order to convince the public to side with or agree with a particular opinion or group. Pay very close attention to trending topics and products as well as repeated themes and messages in the media, and you’ll find a pattern and a message. Once you are able to identify the misleading and harmful messages and patterns, you can choose to put your energies, focus, and values elsewhere.

The divide and conquer scenario is used in a number of ways that has controller’s prey falling right into their trap by pitting groups or individuals against each other. This is done by demonizing or stereotyping the behaviors of the other group or person or by spreading false information about the other individual or group and creating opposition. Another way the divide and conquer method is used is through what’s called controlled opposition. This is when the two groups or individuals seemingly in opposition are actually on the same team orchestrating events and rallying the masses to oppose one another through labeling groups, pointing fingers of blame or shaming each other, and promoting belittling, judgmental, and aggressive behaviors. This is seen most often in political campaigns and running for office positions. But can also be harmful in more subtly seen through sports teams rivalries and nominations for clubs or other organizations. The most devastating result of divide and conquer is that of war. Although we may choose one person over the other for the most qualified, or a team that is skilled, or a person that represents our values, there is never a good side of war or a reason to choose between two wrongs.

A divide and conquer and fear promoting tactic repeatedly used by world governments in collusion with the controlled media, is termed problem-reaction-solution. In this paradigm, the government creates or focuses on an existing issue and blames it on a particular group or poses a problem that must be prioritized in order to resolve it. The agenda is to get the public to react and ultimately hold those in office accountable to resolve this problem and in doing so a bill or law is passed that has hidden language in it that relinquishes citizen rights as a result. Or under the guise of safety precaution a mandate is issued that strips away another basic human freedom. The ‘solution’ was planned and proposed behind closed doors long before the public was manipulated to be coerced into choosing to collude with the controlled strategy that was planned long before the perceived crisis was presented. Another engineered formula of government control similar to and used in conjunction with problem-reaction-solution, is the false flag. Notice how the government likes to create a boogie man country to blame and keep us in fear of their retaliation? This is yet another desired outcome of the divide and conquer tactic. A false flag is a covert operation designed to deceive the public. This deception is intended to make it appear as if a particular party, group, or nation is responsible for the action or event, disguising the actual source of responsibility. The majority of, if not all, wars have been based on the false flag premise.

Once we become familiar with these behavior patterns and characteristics of controllers and their agendas, it shifts our attitudes dramatically and allows us to more easily protect ourselves from these predators and choose where to place our energy and focus. We no longer need to play the games of dominators and controllers and fall for their tactics. We are not victims of circumstance nor will we allow ourselves to walk into the snares of predators any longer. Remember that you are a sovereign being and that no one can control you. You are in control of no one but yourself. We can set boundaries; take the precautions necessary to protect our energies, bodies, and minds; and steer clear of and resign from consenting to and participating in this warfare and enslavement. We can choose to witness and observe these controlling tactics and behaviors and respond from a place of wisdom rather than fear. Instead of getting caught up in the judgement, anger, shame, or blame and critical attitudes, emotional states, and sensationalism; we can choose neutrality and compassion towards our fellow humans and speak out about injustices and abusiveness as an advocate and not an attacker. Remember, controllers cannot harm you and have no power over you when you are able to rise above their games and see them for what they are from a place of neutral objectivity. Strive to maintain energetic balance and let go of the negative polarity thought forms that feed these controller forces. Love is what coerces, coaxes, and leads us to freedom and peace, not control through domination, manipulation, and force.

Always know that you are enough and do the best you can with what you’ve got,


K. Miller

Forgiveness and Letting Go

Transmission – The Necessitation For Human Evolution
K. Miller 6/19/2019

We have all been wronged and will continue to face conflict in our lives simply due to the fact that we are on this Earth. We can choose to forgive ourselves and others and let go of things we are holding onto that don’t serve any purpose. Forgiveness is not forgiving and forgetting or excusing bad behavior or condoning wrongs and harms, it’s about letting go of the burden you carry when you refuse to move on or release yourself from and heal the emotional pain that resulted from harms done. Whether the harms were inflicted by you or someone else towards yourself or someone else, applying forgiveness and letting go is a key part of the healing process and for that of our individual and collective emotional and spiritual development.

Forgiveness and forgiving does not need to take place as a grandiose gesture or face to face with a person or group verbally. Forgiveness never needs to be demanded. Forgiveness is not something that is forced, it comes naturally from the heart. Forgiving yourself and others is personal. If you find yourself unable to forgive, this indicates an area that you need to place your loving attention to in order to heal. You may not ever be able to forgive a person or a group for the suffering they caused you, but you can always forgive yourself, the event, situation, or circumstances. When we hold on to anger, resentment, blame, guilt, and shame and refuse to live in the now moment and let go of the harms done to us, or harms we have done, we are perpetuating more of this suffering. Although the past events or circumstances are no longer occurring, we are replaying these emotional wounds and preventing ourselves from healing and moving forward when we refuse to accept where we are right now in life.

“Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

~St. Augustine

Surrender, along with acceptance is the ultimate act of letting go. Surrender is not resignation in the sense of submission or quitting, but understanding that in order to heal you need to release yourself from your self imposed mental imprisonment. By surrendering, you are simply saying that you no longer need to or choose to hold on to this burden any longer. Surrender is relinquishing your ego control that keeps you stubbornly refusing to change and allowing yourself to accept things for what they are. You can’t go back in time and say or do something different to fix things, but you can now.

“Some things can’t be explained. They just are.”

~ Richard Ford

There are many methods and practices that can help you let go, forgive and release harmful and non-beneficial emotions, attitudes, and energies you are holding onto. Writing a letter is a great way to put into words what you need to forgive. The letter is not necessarily meant to be given to another person or group. It can be open letter to whom it may concern, to a specific person or group, or to yourself as a way to address the transgression or perceived wrongdoing. The letter can then be disposed of in a symbolic gesture or kept to be reread until harmful feelings subside and the words are no longer filled with emotional charge. Rewrite the letter as many times as needed until the feelings regarding the memory of the events and circumstances are neutralized and you truly feel at peace with the situation.

There is a Hawaiian word and practice that assists in placing forgiveness and letting go. It’s called ho’oponopono, and in English the word translates to the meaning, ‘to make right’. Ho’oponopono is done verbally in four steps- forgiving, asking forgiveness, and applying gratitude and love. With the emotional feelings, persons, situations, or events in mind, you compassionately state the following: I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. It doesn’t matter what order it’s said, but it’s the genuine intention that matters. It is a very simple yet powerful technique to use anytime you are feeling less than and need to find relief.

Tapping is a practice that branched off from Emotional Freedom Technique, which is a trademarked term and method founded by Dr. Gary Craig. It involves tapping specific meridian points located on the body along with affirming dialogue that energetically assists in clearing out any stagnant and blocked energy from the body. Tapping helps to clear out limiting beliefs, looping mental patterns, and emotions that need releasing, correcting, and healing. It is extremely effective in identifying and releasing just about every emotional issue needing to be addressed. The beauty of this technique is that it does not require a professional to administer it. Once you learn the tapping points and are ready to clear out the emotional issue, that is all that is required. Simply telling a story or recounting the memories of an event while tapping can reap powerful benefits, if you aren’t able to create a dialogue to tap to.

The Sedona Method is the act of letting go of any unwanted emotion by first choosing to do so. You then accept, honor, and welcome the feeling without judgement or labeling of right or wrong and acknowledge what this feeling’s purpose or lesson is. With the Sedona Method , rather than shooing away or dismissing the negative thought or feeling, you wholeheartedly accept it as part of being human and what this emotional experience needs to tell you and teach you. Explore the real reasons that you are clinging to this emotional state and move through it with honesty and integrity. Know that you are not that emotion or event that happened to you. You are not your past and you can simply choose to let it go.

Through self awareness and observation we are able to recognize our personal issues that need healing and clearing that are keeping us stuck in these emotional patterns that prevent us from seeing ourselves and others through the eyes of oneness. Ego clearing and emotional mastery are ways to keep us from this self sabotage and bring us to a place of peace within, enabling us to release these judgements towards ourselves and others. Forgiveness is liberating, in that it frees us from these self imposed bindings and expectations that hold us hostage. What are you needing to forgive yourself for? What persons or past events can you forgive or release yourself from today? The only thing standing the way of that peace, reconciliation, and closure you are seeking is you.

Keep on being the best you that you can possibly be,

Much love,

K. Miller

Please see my RESOURCES page and click on Brad Yates YouTube page so you can learn how to tap yourself to freedom, healing, and wholeness!

The False Twin

Transmission – Path To Oneness
K. Miller 6/13/2019

There is a concept within the spiritual community that has been misinterpreted and needs clarification. It is the distorted spiritual Law of Gender or Law of Polarity or Duality. This distortion or misinterpretation of divine masculine and feminine unity has been presented as a physical sacred union of a pair of romantic partners labeled as Twin Flame, Soul Mate, or Soul Twin. If we look at the story of Shiva and Shakti we see this as a way to explain the balance of the divine feminine and masculine meant to be balanced within each of us as humans. This union of the feminine and masculine is not actually obtained by seeking out a physical partner. This is not a sexual tantric quest to achieve enlightenment nor a particular perfect mate or spouse to share our lives with. This is not to say that physical relationships and romantic partner relationships don’t contribute to our lessons and experiences towards our personal masculine and feminine balance or towards our path of ascension. It is true that there are some actual twin souls, and at this time, very few that exist as physical bodies on Earth. The soul twin can be expressed in a myriad of ways- as siblings, a parent child relationship, close friends, and even lovers. The soul twin, even more rarely can reside within one physical body on Earth.

To be clear, masculine and feminine is not defined by our gender, our DNA configuration, or our sexual preferences. Masculine and feminine, in this context, refers to how the energy polarities are expressed into form. Polarity describes the balance of opposites present in all of creation, whether manifested as physical form or existing etherically. Think of the positive and negative charge of batteries needed to form a circuit to conduct the electrons through the wires to power a machine. Our bodies are the conductors of the flow of Source energy and the complex systems of our bodies act as the circuitry and our consciousness is the engineer of our body. Our consciousness and Source energy provide the instructions to our physical body via our energetic light body. If our bodies aren’t able to receive these instructions properly, we suffer from imbalances. Bodily imbalances are the cause of health problems, not only physiologically, but psychologically as well. Within the context of ascension, we are seeking out to harmonize and unify the extreme polarity imbalances within ourselves- the fundamental principles of polarity. As humans, our physical body pairs, or counterparts, are referred to as gender. Gender pairs are expressed in most of the animal and plant kingdoms on Earth.

The soul mate has been described often to refer to the perfect romantic partner that seemed as destiny when the meeting occurred and the couple finds themselves inseparable and head over heels in love from that moment forward. In reality, we are all soulmates. That being said, there are soul agreements, soul pairings, and soul groups that do indeed exist, that most certainly serve a divine purpose. The role of soul mate can include any number of platonic soul relationships as well as that of a romantic partner. A soul mate may be labeled as such when there is a memory or a feeling of having known this person throughout lifetimes or eternally existing with them or feeling as if you are supposed to accomplish a life goal together through some sort of pre-birth agreement. While all of these can be true, sadly more often than not, there are so many distortions in our perceptions of romantic love and partnership, primarily through our ego and predatorial forces, that cause this phenomenon. This is not to say there are not perfect marriages and partnerships experienced, by any means, but these are not the same type of soul partnerships serving the purpose of the Indigo, Star Seed, and Lightworker spiritual union roles or missions.

There is a strange seduction that happens with relationships when one or both partners are infested with entities and attachments. There are specific parasitic predators that feed off of sexual misery and dysfunctional relationships. They are originally responsible for the root causes of the sexual and relationship discordance and damages of humanity. There are numerous intentional and unintentional sexual and energetic predators that are motivated by ego, unhealed emotional wounding, mental illness and trauma, belief systems, and a number of other harmful mental constructs and distortions. Due to unawareness of these unhealthy and destructive dynamics of victim-victimizer and other archetypal patternings, unhealed aspects of ourselves, energetic attachments and parasitic entities, soul fragmentation, and any number of energetic and spiritual woundings, and those of our prospective partners, we are not likely to have blissful and harmonious partnerships and relationships with anyone. The intense intrigue and infatuation of these predatorial seductions may seem very real, but if we are diligent in our spiritual protection and self mastery practices and are aware of our unhealed self and ego traps, we can see that our self relationship and love take precedence over our quest for romantic partnership. It’s our loneliness and desire for something external to heal us and make us whole that lures us into these relationship traps of the false or imposter soul mate, twin, or divine union partner. We must nurture and protect ourselves lovingly and have the clarity to proceed with caution and honest foresight and not be blinded by our emotional and biological needs and egos that prevent us from our right thinking.

In general, most Indigos, Starseeds, and Lightworkers are not aware of their roles and relationships and their soul identities aren’t even known to them. Although the disclosure through imparted information from Source is accelerating, it isn’t necessary to know that you came to Earth with the purpose of assisting humanity and Earth’s ascension process. And many that are very aware and in full communication with their higher selves, Light families, and guides, are still confused and not all that clear about their knowledge of their true identities and purpose here on Earth. There are many cases of people connecting and communicating psychically, energetically, empathically, and/or telepathically with their soul twin and or soul families. As said, the person isn’t necessarily aware of the experience they are having and there are various reasons that soul relationship identities aren’t disclosed, therefore often the experience isn’t understood. Some of these experiences are dismissed out of frustration of the inability to understand who this person is, remembered from childhood as an imaginary friend, or seen as a delusion associated with mental illness. Often the soul twin in question is not inhabiting a body or is inhabiting a body but living in a very far proximity to their pair, due to soul mission requirements to be in a specific location. This arrangement can be temporary and some cases the person may be in communication or energetically aware of their paired connection and will travel in order to physically locate in order to reunite with their soul family member or twin partner.

Just as it is important to proceed with discernment in our choices and pursuit of romantic partners and relations, and our perception of our purpose and connection to our soul partnerships, it is equally important to apply this with the information and teachings presented and shared within the spiritual community. There are many in spiritual leadership roles that are not in a place of true responsible leadership and service to others and may be regurgitating material that they have gathered from various sources without personal experiences, questioning, or research, either due to naivety, negligence, or predatorial greed. The majority may have their intentions and their heart in the right place in service to others but their connection and communication with Source may be unclear for a number of reasons leading them to spread misinformation, rather than harming purposefully through calculated disinformation or fabricated teachings. Be extremely leary of and guard yourself from anyone claiming to be an expert on the subject, that they know of, can predict, or give you a reading pertaining to your Twin Flame or Soul Mate, or can provide some sort of attunement to connect you with this person.

The Twin Flame has been the most misunderstood of all the labels of physical or energetic unions and, in fact, isn’t a partnership at all. It is the description of the merging, or union, of the divine feminine and masculine within the light body- the full balance of energetic polarity within the body. It is similar to describing the process of the opening and balancing of the chakras of the body termed as kundalini fire. It is a way to describe what is seen by those with extra sensory perception when these energetic systems of the body activate, come into alignment, or balance with each other. This is the true sacred union, the merging and balance of the divine masculine and feminine polarities within the human form and energetic body together as one with that body. It has nothing to do with astral travel experiences, physical relationships, sex, or orgasm. Similar to a full kundalini awakening, it is something the vast majority of humans have yet to experience. Many may claim to know their Twin Flame or have experienced a full opening of their chakras, but they are mistaken. These are all possibilities in the near future, but presently, we simply haven’t collectively reached that point of our ascension process. Rather than judge others or ourselves for our ignorance and misguidance, it is necessary to forgive ourselves and others for our misperceptions and misunderstandings or our gullibility, and honor our learning process and where we personally are in our ascension progression.

“The source of our love comes from within. No one out there is that source. It makes sense to go to that source.”

~Susan Jeffers

The Twin Flame divine union, also termed Heiros Gamos, Latin for sacred marriage, is achieved during the process of clearing out our higher chakras and through the healing of all aspects of our multidimensional selves. When all blockages to accessing our high heart or 8th chakra are cleared, we are able to experience the igniting of our Twin Flame through our inner sacred marriage of divine masculine and feminine polarity balance. At that point, an additional vibration or frequency is added to our existing consciousness, termed Christ consciousness or Holy Trinity. This is the Holy Mother and Father birthing of the Christ child metaphor. Christ is not a person, but a consciousness beyond our understanding here on Earth at this time. This is the move beyond polarity or duality- from a dual frequency to that of the trinity wave, the permanent state of zero point neutrality. Zero point or neutrality denotes a full state of balance- that of oneness, unity, and love; the state of divine union with God and all of creation. The unity consciousness which we are ultimately moving forward into during this ascension cycle.

To paraphrase Steven Stills, “if you can’t be with one you love, love the one you’re with”…and that someone is you! Keep on loving yourself with all the effort and energy you put into loving others,

Unconditionally yours,

K. Miller